Flexible Real Estate Class Choices in North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina: COVID 19 has changed the way learning is conducted. It has made in-person learning a challenge. Because of the pandemic, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission has permanently changed its requirements by allowing asynchronous, distance learning for Prelicensing and Post Licensing classes. It is on this premise that Encompass Real Estate School is offering the three North Carolina Post Licensing classes in an on-demand/learn at your pace model starting on February 20, 2021. The real estate school is offering this flexible learning tool to real estate brokers who need to complete their 90 hours and waive provisional status. The on-demand model is popular for its flexibility and allowing students to learn and relearn materials on their schedule.


While making the announcement, Dani Bucholtz of Encompass Real Estate said that on-demand real estate classes are a game-changer for real estate brokers in North Carolina. In the past, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission had a requirement that these classes had to be in a live format; but with COVID-19, this is not possible. “The Real Estate Commission chose to look at the distance education formats as viable learning options for students. These types of classes are now approved and here to stay", said the real estate school representative.


Students are also happy that they have been allowed to learn at their own pace. “Thank God, we now have on-demand post-licensing classes. We also have more class options that don’t take us away from doing our jobs during business hours”, said a student who is undertaking the course at Encompass Real Estate School.


According to the Encompass Real Estate founder who is also the Director of Education at the institution, they offer engaging and professional real estate classes guided by instructors who are actively working in the industry. The advantage of this, according to the director, is that they are current on the information they are teaching and can actively address questions and provide real-life scenarios to assist in student understanding.


“These are not your typical slide show presentations that require you read everything! These are engaging classes that combine a variety of learning tools, like videos and quizzes to keep you engaged throughout the entire course”, said Dani, adding that this is why Encompass Real Estate School was founded in the first place.


Dani is a long-time practitioner in this industry; she says she formed the real estate school as she was tired of boring classes where she felt disengaged with the learning process. She observes that an effective learning process should be engaging, where the learner not only follows what is being taught but also enjoys every bit of it. Encompass Real Estate School engages the learners by encouraging active participation. She appeals to those who are looking to advance their real estate career to make Encompass Real Estate School their choice, is it allows flexibility and many other options which are not available in other real estate schools.


For more information visit: https://encompassrealestateschool.com/


Media Contact info:

Dani Bucholtz, Director of Education

Encompass Real Estate School

229 Indian Hill Road

Union Grove, NC 28689



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