X-Bio Mask Puts Plan in Place for Marketing and Branding of it’s Source Control Mask

X-Bio Mask is a first of it's kind respiratory protection proven to help eliminate upon contact the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 and other viral contaminants.

While making the announcement, the company representative said that their partnership with Russell Creative Group came about due to the need to get the word out as best as possible.


“With a product that is life-changing and meant to return the world to normalcy, we want the message to reach everyone. It is our chance to help the world deal with the current and future pandemics and everyone needs to be aware of how X-Bio Mask is part of this process.”, said the X- Bio Masks company representative, while explaining why they have chosen to begin the marketing process.


The mask is 100% American-made product..


Although masks are providing great protection against COVID-19 and other respiratory infections, one of the fears that their use has noted is environmental degradation. Most of the products in the market are single-use, posing a great risk to the environment. X-Bio mask solves this problem as everything is recyclable. The mask is also super lightweight, does not need constant readjustment, and has ADM synthetic rubber makes it comfortable to use.


The product is already receiving great reviews and endorsement,


“The mask kills the COVID-19 virus immediately on contact or any other virus for that matter. The key component to the mask is a fabric material developed by DARPA over ten years ago. The material, once moistened with tap water and saline mist, becomes a battery and provides an electrical charge that kills all viruses on contact,” said Garry E. Hall, the National security professional, former special adviser to the president and senior director to the White House while reviewing the product.


While describing X-Bio mask as the “future of masks” Dawson Russell, marketing director, says that his company will help X-Bio mask craft it’s story and produce visual storytelling that will engage it’s audience and produce great results.


About X-Bio Masks


X-Bio Masks are the designers and makers of mask that helps eliminate the COVID-19 virus or any other virus immediately on contact.


For more info about X-Bio Mask, Visit here: https://xbiomask.com/

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