Neptune BibBoards Launches "I Got the Vaccine" health identifier To Raise Awareness

With the world going through a rough period with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is slowly creeping to a new normal. Vaccines are giving people hope that things might return to normal. However, with little information available coupled with misinformation that spreading out there especially through social media, acceptance, and take-up of the vaccine has been slow. To boost acceptance of the vaccines, BibBoards, the company that has patented technology, is offering new modes of self-expression through their useful products that replace outdated and environmentally harmful pinning devices. While explaining how they are contributing to making everyone feel comfortable, the company owner and founder, Brian Goodell, said they have launched the "I Got The Vaccine" health identifiers to serve as a daily wearable and expressional "button" to show that you have received the vaccine.


“We want to share with our endurance community that they can use these to give to race participants, so everyone feels comfortable by race day”, said Goodell, adding that this allows the wearer to encourage others to express themselves of what they did. With more people getting vaccinated, some experts say that herd immunity will be reached eventually.


"Participants can wear it to secure a‘bib’ at races and events, and at the same time create an overall good feeling and experience at events", added Goodell.


The idea of "I Got the Vaccine" health identifiers has been well received, with people hailing it as an innovative way to encourage others to get vaccinated when their turn comes. There has even been a suggestion that ‘I got vaccinated’ should be the new ‘I voted’ emblem.  Recognizing how the clarion call could be powerful in rallying people to a worthy cause, a CVS spokesperson had this to say “We think ‘I got vaccinated’ could be the new ‘I voted’, at least until the pandemic is over."


Bib fasteners are not new; they are being used to secure race bibs to the apparel without ever making any holes and as a way to expressing oneself during an event. The company’s claim to fame has been no pins, no holes, or magnets, and it is something that makes the fasteners comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly.


During the early days of the pandemic, BibBoards embraced a new idea and application to use BibBoards as a face mask snap and hooks. For medical mask wearers, BibBoards re-launched bbSNAPS, with the motto “Keep Mask Straps off Your Ears.” With a variety of logos and sayings, plus full customization just like BibBoards, bbSNAPS serves useful purposes while letting its wearers express who they are. bbSNAPS are used is to keep mask straps off the ears and make masks a more comfortable fit. The product has been a useful tool in helping people protect themselves against Covid-19 infections, as it is water/sweat resistant and can be easily sanitized. “We are proud that we have made some contribution in allowing people to feel safe and comfortable during the pandemic”, said the company representative, while adding that people will feel confident when wearing and sharing custom BibBoards to raise vaccine awareness.


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BibBoards enables fun new modes of self-expression, through useful consumer products that replace outdated and environmentally harmful pinning devices. The company prides itself as the creator of the number one bib fastener in the world. They have grown to have been used in over 1,000 racing events in the past three years, have over 50,000 happy customers, and 14,000 Five-Star reviews.


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