The Branch releasing a new single called “Warhorse” on March 22, 2021

TheBranch, a conscious rap artist/singer/songwriter, will be releasing his new single titled “Warhorse” on March 22, 2021. The artist who speaks life into the hearts of mankind through song says that Warhorse is about growing through life's challenges and using his music as a weapon to fight back against demonic forces.


The artist's new single is full of soul searching and powerful anointing lyrics such as "This is the business before the pleasure, visit the storms I've weather", "Puzzlin' pieces since birth, been shovelin' feces it hurts, I'm cuddlin' Jesus it works, then fall on my knees in the dirt. " The conscious lyrics, according to the rapper, are speaking life into the hearts of mankind.


TheBranch sees himself as a testament to how much a man can accomplish when fate, faith, and inspiration combine to put a man right where he is meant to be. He believes that his music will reach many people and help inspire that hope, power, and victory spirit that is within.


The mystical lyricism that currently defines the artist was informed by a lifetime of struggle, drug abuse, prison time, and eventually, a rediscovering of God’s path. Through it all, TheBranch’s devotion to his music kept him from submitting to the darkness.


TheBranch's new single will be released on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music, among others.




TheBranchis a conscious rap artist and songwriter who speaks life into the hearts of mankind through song. He is a spiritual rapper with a rapidly rising profile. He was born in the small town of St. Joe, Michigan, on August 14, 1983, and later relocated to Niles, just outside of South Bend, Indiana with his family. It is here that he developed the love of music and art, things that would come to define his later life. In his search for the American dream, he went on a downward spiral turning to drugs and alcohol. While serving a term in prison, the seed of poetry and music was sowed in him. He wrote many songs which would later become his debut album. In music, he got a new lease of life, reunited with his family, and released his debut album appropriately titled ‘Servant Songs’, an album that is directly inspired by the spiritual journey that preceded it, with every verse filled with hope and conviction, adding up to create a sound unlike anything in the modern music world.


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