German technology start-up, Neotaps, launches digital business cards to enhance contact sharing

The future of networking is here! Neotaps is making the sharing of information easy and seamless. The new digital age business card is allowing users to share contacts, files, and social information with just a tap. While announcing the launch of the new contactless innovative smart card, co-founder of Neotaps, Sabari Nair, said they were providing users with an innovative way to build networks quickly. “I love it. It makes sharing so easy and reduces the effort related to sending product files and links to customers overall.”


Neotaps is a contactless technology for business and social data sharing. Using it eliminates the need to spend time and money on sending files and links. It offers a structured platform to organize your information.


How it works

The user chooses a Smart Card or Smart Dot, and purchases what the Neotaps co-founder refers to as the last business card. Sabari aptly named it because unlike the traditional business card, this one is designed to last and carries much more information.


The card can be customized, and users are advised to check their emails and complete the design brief. Once the final design is approved, it is taken to print. On the Neotaps platform you can open an account, create a personal profile, and add links and files. From there, users can just take the card or dot and tap, share, and go.


Neotaps is compatible with all smart phones with either a tap or QR code. Touching a smart dot allows the user to organize information in a structured way and allows sharing easily.


“You will not need any more business cards to build long lasting connections and networks,” said Sabari while adding that joining Neotaps will allow users the opportunity to be part of the digital transformation that is happening now.


With Neotaps, there will be no need for hundreds of paper cards anymore. In addition to that, Neotaps is editable, highly secure, contactless, and compatible with any smart tech gadget. You can even lock your profile only for your team.


To create a profile for free, visit



Neotaps is a technology startup founded in March 2021. In just a short time, the platform has garnered customers in more than five countries, including one of the biggest corporates in Europe.


Media contact info

Sabari Nair

Co-founder of Neotaps

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Gary Stokley (stokleygary): edited 6/29/2023 12:01am

Excellent recommendations for this type of startup. I believe that for this it is necessary to use the most effective methods that can help in the development of the company I started studying the supply chain strategy and realized that this is a modern tool that can help bring any project to a new level and make it more popular and in demand.

John Donne (johndonne)

È emozionante vedere iniziative innovative come Neotaps, una start-up tecnologica tedesca, fare un passo avanti nel rivoluzionare il modo in cui scambiamo le informazioni di contatto. Il lancio dei biglietti da visita digitali segna un passo avanti significativo nel miglioramento dei processi di condivisione dei contatti. Ho trovato un fantastico casino no aams dove gioco a giochi con deposito basso e la cosa migliore è che l'ho trovato dopo aver letto le recensioni. Nel frenetico mondo digitale di oggi, dove le reti e le connessioni svolgono un ruolo fondamentale, tali progressi possono snellire e semplificare il modo in cui i professionisti si connettono e collaborano.

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