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LOYAL Foundry Joins the Global Mobile App Race with Wood Block Brain Puzzle Acquisition

LOYAL Foundry has joined the global mobile app race and is now open for business with its acquisition of AI-powered Wood Block Brain Puzzle.


The first of many planned acquisitions, Wood Block Brain Puzzle is a fast-growing casual game with unique health benefits including relaxation, meditation, sleep assistance, and mental exercise. This is a fun and entertaining puzzle game with simple rules making it popular for all age groups and those who love mobile games.


Hyper-casual gaming is one of many fast-growing categories in the mobile applications marketplace that LOYAL is pursuing. The market has increased dramatically with its already amazing compound annual growth rate leaping forward by two years because of the pandemic with the majority of people at home looking for something worthwhile to do while in lockdown.


As part of the asset purchase, UK based GhK Global Group Ltd. delivered all Wood Block Music Box Puzzle source code and intellectual property. The newly renamed, Wood Block Brain Puzzle is a 5-star rated game on both IOS and Android and built on the Unity gaming platform.


“This game is fun and offers so many opportunities for increased monetization and engagement. It was the perfect app to buy and use to setup our stores and test out some of our initial growth tactics.” said Tom Kenney, CEO & Co-Founder of LOYAL Foundry.


LOYAL Foundry was attracted to this game because it features a unique smart AI integration with logic that is distinctly different than other existing games in the marketplace. Its pleasing design and programming interface prevents users from playing endlessly which may eventually tire them out and drive loss of interest. By utilizing calming relaxing music and AI-driven game rules, it provides a high satisfactory user experience and engagement.


At LOYAL Foundry, we believe Apps are Cool”, and given the app marketplace’s size, consumers all around the world clearly agree. Globally, there are 5.4 million consumer apps from 2.3 million publishers available across Android and Apple App Store platforms. Historically, mobile gaming and social apps have dominated the market generating 75% of downloads and revenues making this global ecosystem a trillion-dollar industry. Today, its non-gaming apps that are growing faster and expected to make up 50% of the global market opportunity by 2024.


“There is real investment opportunity in the mobile applications industry today. In addition to creating and delivering high quality consumer mobile apps to the market, we at LOYAL Foundry are excited about the ability to quickly build scale by partnering and acquiring highly profitable mobile apps and publishers. We expect this opportunity to last for many years and have put together an experienced mobile team that we think will be able to build a $100 million revenue business in the next 2-3 years. We are very happy to get going!” Kenney added.


LOYAL Foundry is a new technology start-up based in Carlsbad, CA. We are live, building new apps, fundraising and acquiring mobile apps and publishers. If you are interested in investing in LOYAL or selling us your mobile app or publisher business, please say hi at We look forward to meeting.




Founded in early 2020, LOYAL Foundry is a consumer mobile application publisher and development firm. We build and acquire high quality mobile apps that make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Our app ideas center around creating experiences that provide tons of value for consumers but are frictionless and drop dead easy to use; letting the phone do all the hard work and heavy lifting behind the scenes; surfacing value and happiness to the screen.


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Tom Kenney



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