DJ ESTEBAN, The Human Music Machine, releases POP REVENGE, a Double-Album with 40 Remastered Tracks

DJ Esteban, a popular Paris-based DJ, has released a new album titled POP REVENGE. It is a double album with forty tracks produced at New Mantra, a division of FGL PRODUCTIONS – Paris.


The album was released on April 12, 2021 in digital and streaming forms, followed by a double CD and embellished with previously unpublished photos by the talented Michael Guiliani. The 40 remastered tracks are a great piece of entertainment for international development thanks to Thierry WOLF, Nathalie Lallement, Florestan Lejeune and their partners.


POP REVENGE is the quintessence of DJ Esteban’s musical freedom and expression. Inspired by synthpop, house and dance classics from the past 30 years, this double album contains 40 remastered tracks taken from his previous albums along with some new material available in a number of languages including English, French, Italian and Spanish languages.


DJ Esteban, a resident of some of most famous and hype dance floor in Paris, has been described as a kind of human music machine. He has made a name for himself in the mastery of mixing. For this new album POP REVENGE, the French-based creative composed, sung, played, arranged, and mixed every track. He even recorded and produced himself assisted by his friends including: Eva Tjajkovksi, Patrick Ray, Dioptaz and his close friend, the famous (Voyage Voyage) Desireless.


With POP REVENGE, fans are promised to feel the heat of the sun on their skin while listening to the beach songs, hear the sex appealing lyrics on the camp & disco vibes, see the unseen when the holy ballads invade the air, and taste the delicious cocktails of new sounds and catchy melodies. “40 anthems made only for pleasure and always with love, trust and honesty by the one and only DJ ESTEBAN!!” say DJ Esteban.


DJ Esteban promises his fans pure happiness, a chance to enjoy this fresh and incredible touch, a kind of music that equally entertains to the maximum.


His other albums include Betty’s Bar (reached #1 for 5 weeks on NRJ Web Studio Radio and had Video DJ airplays in the U.S.A.) and Psychodiversity Clubbing (reached #4 on French iTunes Electro Album Charts) (among others), all which have been received well by his fans and the general audience. DJ Esteban is optimistic that his current album will perform well too and, judging by the reception in the last few days since its release, it is predicted to outperform other albums and emerge as one of his best releases so far.


While inviting his fans to check out his latest release, DJ Esteban thanks all those who have been following him, the people whom he has interacted with during his parties at the Queen, Club Med World, Banana Café among other locations. “I am here to entertain you, give you the kind of entertainment that makes you happy. I thank you for the enthusiasm and loyalty. This has made me push on, aim at meeting your needs and return the gratitude,” said DJ Esteban.


The album is available at YouTube, Spotify and other platforms.


Link to YouTube video: Groovin' by DJ Esteban


Link to Spotify:


About FGL Productions


FGL Productions, one of the leading music production houses in Europe has just stepped into its 40th year of operations. It initially started with re-issuing major works of musicians from across the world, but soon became an active production house for all types of music.


As of today, FGL Productions houses a repertoire of more than twenty thousand master tracks including worldwide hits. The fact that FGL Music has completed four decades in this industry is itself a testimony to its reputation and credibility. A lot of the company’s success as a major music production house can be attributed to its Chairman, Thierry Wolf.


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A division of


Florestan Lejeune

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