Cloodo - A Magical Digital Workspace That is Taking Outsourcing and Remote Working to Another Level

With the world moving to digital platforms due to the recent pandemic, a trend to adopt remote project management approaches has forced companies to transform digitally. Cloodo has been at the forefront of this acceleration, providing individuals and businesses with an all-in-one virtual hub for any business. Cloodo founder & CEO Nguyen Quang Huy says they are providing a remote but better management workspace. The company, which was founded in 2013, has a number of features that provide both the buyers and the freelancers a great experience.


The digital workspace allows for easy management of projects. The user simply posts a task or project they want completed and then they can choose anyone they want to work with, even if users do not know how to implement their work, Cloodo has available free consulting service to help them chose the most suitable one within a short time. “Start your project with a know-how team supported by a smart management tool,” said Nguyen while describing some of the features that make outsourcing for required skills easy. He added, “Cloodo helps in accelerating digital transformation for any business with know-how agencies supported by smart project management apps and secured payment for a quality final result.”


Remote Team


With the digital workspace, anyone in need of services, from web designing to mobile app development, product manufacturing, and graphic design will get a freelancer who has the skills and knowledge that is required to deliver the desired results. When it comes to booking and payment of services, the platform has provided a secure and convenient payment mode.


Reviewed Professionals


To increase the chances of completion of tasks within the required quality, Cloodo’s system extensively reviews freelancers, agencies and only those who are qualified can handle for a task. Clients in need of services have a large pool of reviewed professionals to select from. According to a Cloodo representative, the platform is the simplest and safest way to get work done online.


Intelligent Job Management System


Management and tracking the progress of the job are extremely important. Both users and service providers need to know how their work is going or when it's done. One can follow everything relating to their project through the super-intelligent management system in the platform. The beauty of this, according to the platform spokesperson, is how it allows the users and the service providers to access information of projects such as the freelancers’ information, the task’s detail, spent time, milestones and document in their project.


While recommending the platform to any businesses that want to outsource crucial services, the company’s representative said buyers are guaranteed to getting individuals with skills and experience that will turn a business around. “You have an opportunity to outsource your business with a know-how team supported by a smart management tool,” said the representative, adding that businesses will also be able to implement productivity OKR and achieve agile growth hacking for their operations.

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About Cloodo


Cloodo is a magical digital workspace that helps a company accelerate their business’ digital transformation by deploying advanced technologies to connect outsourcing resources and uncovering breakthrough business insights.


Cloodo aims to help individuals find the appropriate online jobs they need in only a few steps all on one platform, allowing a premium work from home experience on a global scale.


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