Florida Chiropractor, Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Champion Overcomes Debilitating Injury...

From a powerlifting and body building champion athlete to a ‘Doctor of Doctors’, Dr. Kimberly Besuden’s unique life story and twenty-five years of skilled alternative health care is now inspiring thousands of others to be healthy and happy.


Already a successful athlete in her college years, Kimberly switched to powerlifting after a bad automobile accident. She found weightlifting helped her get stronger and recover from her injuries quicker. This later led to her inclusion in the powerlifting team at Purdue. She lifted and competed with the collegiate team for many years as a foremost collegiate athlete.


But her real journey began a few years later and after completing her Chiropractic education and training at Life University in Marietta, GA in 1994, where Kimberly was awarded the “Clinician of the Year” at her at graduation. She went on to run a successful private practice as a leading chiropractor in Winter Park, Fl for over 25 years, providing thousands of patients with health and wellness until another unfortunate accident changed Dr Kim’s life once again. This time it was freak equestrian incident that caused severe damage to her right hand. This was devastating from Dr Kim, as her hands played an integral role in the treatment of her patients as a chiropractor. But, just like before, with an iron will to not just survive but thrive, Dr Besuden was able to recover, reeducate and relaunch herself against all odds.


Today Dr Besuden continues to work as a Functional Health Practitioner and the founder of The Health Factor where she promotes wellness to her patients, many of whom are doctors themselves, with the “Practice what you preach” model.


“We have created a program exclusively for the doctor who needs coaching on integrating Functional Health into his/her practice. This is an exclusive program for doctors who are personally guided and trained to be the best in mind, body AND business,” Dr. Kim said.


“We are so busy taking care of our patients, we neglect ourselves. You can’t expect your patients to comply with your advice if you are not willing to comply with yourself. In essence, if you are not willing to follow an exercise regimen, take supplementation and follow a protocol, why should they,” she added.


As an author and frequent radio guest and contributor to magazines, newsletters, and online journals Dr Besuden has insights, education and specific life and wellness tools to share with audiences of all types. She is a national speaker for corporations and teaches continuing education to doctors. Her extensive scope of experience in the mastery of healing allows Dr. Besuden to help facilitate your body in healing and improving itself in minimal time.


“All the studying I've done with functional health, supplementation and being able to take that and create a mind body business program that will help to support not only patients but doctors all around the country so that they can have a greater impact- this is probably the most important and my proudest achievement,” Dr. Kim concluded.




As a health care professional since 1994,Dr. Kimberly Besuden has passionately worked one on one with thousands of patients. Supporting patients to take their health to the next level by making just one degree of change to meet and exceed their health journeys. She understands that the two things you cannot buy are your health and your happiness. You cannot have one without the other. She believes once someone chooses to engage in their own health journey, the rest of their life will be greatly transformed.



Dr Kimberly Besuden

Founder of The Health Factor

+1 407 920 2645



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