Due to coronavirus, SoundCloud and Twitch want to help musicians monetize their livestreams

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May 27, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Billy Jeremiahus (billyjeremiahus): edited 6/26/2021 12:04am

With events and performances suspended by the coronavirus, many emerging artists are finding it very difficult to finance their careers
The stoppage of activities has proven to be very effective in reducing the rate of coronavirus infections. However, it has also had a harrowing effect on the economy, especially for small business activities and freelancers. Without a stable source of income, many of these agents are really struggling to keep going. And some platforms are determined to give them a hand to achieve their goals.

These include SoundCloud and Twitch. According to The Verge , the two companies have already closed an alliance in the wake of the coronavirus. The objective of this association is precisely to support one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic: emerging artists. Specifically, musicians who have had to cancel performances due to the health crisis. The initiative aims to give them the tools to more effectively monetize their live broadcasts.

SoundCloud will allow artists with Pro, Premier and Repost accounts to access the Twitch Affiliate program much faster. With this fast-track process , instead of spending up to weeks before being able to make monetizable livestreams , musicians will have the opportunity to make money in a few days. Among the tools that the Amazon streaming platform offers users are advertisements, subscriptions and even certain donations.

How to promote a brand “correctly” with the coronavirus
Several companies have made similar determinations to SoundCloud and Twitch, in an attempt to support the local economy in the face of the coronavirus crisis. For example, DoorDash recently launched a campaign that not only called on consumers to continue buying from local businesses. He also created a platform, where he invited his rivals, to list all the small food businesses that need people's business.

Universal Music and SoundCloud partner to compete with Spotify
These two marketing initiatives have been among the smartest in the face of the great coronavirus crisis. Remember that there is no truly disinterested action on the part of any brand. Even if your goal is truly to create a better world, there is also a conscious effort that your actions have a positive effect on your image to the public. Thus, the SoundCloud and Twitch initiative also have a clear commercial objective.

However, they are much better initiatives than what other brands in the market have done to draw attention to the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, it is very striking to change the logo of the company to promote better practices among the public. But in the end, it is not an action with clear effects among the public. It is far more valuable that companies actually strive to improve the landscape. And the results tend to be much more important.

Other actions in the face of the pandemic
Although there is no clear example of a company that is misusing the coronavirus to grow its brand, there are several cases that fall short in this dimension. McDonald's was, for example, one of the many companies that decided to change their logo temporarily to show their commitment to social distancing. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has invested heavily in its alliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) to inform people.

According to several agents, there are multiple alternatives when deciding what is the best way to use the coronavirus for the good of the brand. For example, Thrive believes that the ties formed through social media in this crisis will be invaluable for the future. In Warc data , it will also be very valuable if companies manage to place themselves in categories or sectors with impulse purchases. Dynamic Business believes that you should bet on content.

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