Zil Money Gets a New Strategic Advisor, Ollie Howie

Zil Money introduces its newest strategic advisor, Ollie Howie, through its platform OnlineCheckWriter. Zil Money, which aims to empower small and medium businesses by providing a secure and simple on-demand online platform for money movement, is glad to have Howie on board.


Zil Money founder and CEO,Sabeer Nelli, says that Howie joins the company when they are preparing for the upcoming 2022 FedNow and Target Instant Payment Settlements (TIPS). Headded that they are pioneers in catching up with new technology, especially in the moving mobile world.


Howie is a career investor at Opportunity Fund, NextGen Venture Partners, and Panoramic Ventures. He has invested in more than50 startups as an institutional investor and in more than10 as an angel investor. Howie also serves as the CEO of a FinTech startup backed by Y Combinator. He previously worked as the CEO of a startup and as an analyst where he helped deploy more than$250M in private companies and venture funds while gaining experience in evaluating companies in FinTech, real estate, healthcare, and information technology sectors. He also helped make a subsequent investment in a FinTech company that went on to go public at more than $2B valuation.


Howie graduated from Harvard where he was on the board of various student organizations while earning a degree in Economics. He has been awarded the Presidential Service Award under President Obama and has a Howie Day in Roanoke, VA.


Howiejoins other Zil Money strategic advisors and executives who have made a mark in the business world. The advisory board members have steered Zil Money to new heights by creating a new user experience with speed and efficiency and by eliminating the need to use check paper. The company, whose aim is to empower small and medium businesses by providing OnlineCheckWriter, a seamless payment processing for the next generation of big businesses, has benefited greatly through the input of the board.


Other members of the strategic advisory board are as follows: Paul Carlucci, former chairman of News America Marketing and former publisher of the New York Post Company; Chauncey Bell, who has 40years’ experience working with senior executives and responsible for important innovations in several industries; Saqib Rasool, who has more than20years’ experience in tech companies and the founder of Conceivian, a well-known startup studio.


Zil Money is currently serving 220,000+ businesses with more thana million payees by providing a private, secure, and easiest way to move money.


According to Nelli, the company is committed to empowering local businesses with cutting-edge technology and reliable financial services. He adds that they aim toconvert 25 billion unknown data of paper check sand that many more ach to digital ISO 20022 standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions.


For more information visit: Zilmoney.Com / OnlineCheckwriter.com


About OnlineCheckWriter


OnlineCheckWriter is a secure and simple on-demand online platform for money movement with 220k plus customers and growing at a pace of one thousand new customers in every 2.5 days. The cloud-based software has rigorous security infrastructure checks to integrate with QuickBooks Online and most mainstream banks. It has end-to-end encryptions hosted in the banking-grade Amazon server that works with any computer or smart phone. It has met the sophisticated security requirements of QuickBooks, the world’s one accounting financial software, to integrate with it and to publish their apps in the QuickBooks Apps store.


About Zil Money


Zil Money is the parent company of OnlineCheckWriter, which also offer the same service. The financial technology firm offers Internet-only financial services without the limitation of physical branches. It bypasses physical branches and moving everything online, thereby saving its customers on banking costs, passing the benefits to customers, and expanding services to the underbanked.

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