Dutch Music Producer Aspro Making Waves In The Music Industry

Lovers of Afro beats and Afro pop genres are in for a treat as the creative Dutch Music producer has released a new record. Aspro, the new kid on the block in the music production is making waves with his music playing on radios and available in major online music outlets including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundtrack among others.


Born in 1987 as Angelo Van Spronsen in Alkmaar to his Dutch father and Surinamese Indonesian mother, Aspro started his music career as a deejay in street, school and house parties. He also played in music records on nightclubs in the Netherlands. Here, his music became popular and the club would invite him during vacation. In 2021, Aspro has become a big name, it is the year his music has reached far and wide. His second record is performing well in the market. He has collaborated with a Kenyan female musician, Joy Msanii.Together they have a record called work recently released on June 11th, 2021.


Although he is new as a producer in the music industry, Asprois already strong in the Afrobeat and Afro pop genres. With his choice of sound, such as instruments he uses in his productions, he captivates his audience. He is pointed as the next big thing in the Afrobeat. There are only a few Afrobeat producers in the world. Aspro personally and professionally looks up to producer Kel-p vibes. Kel-P, who also goes by the name Udoma Peter Kelvin Amba, is a Nigerian singer, record producer, and songwriter best known for production and co-writing African Giant in 2019, a song that was nominated for the Grammy awards. He is signed to Aristokrat Records and is currently recognized for the role he has played in taking Afrobeat to the new heights.


His songs are receiving airplay in different countries including Radio Namibia, Surinam, Netherlands, the Caribbean. Some of the stations where the music is ruling the airwaves are:Nam-radio, Golfbreker radio, The Caribbean Broadcast Network (CBN), and RP the hottest station in Surinam.


“Aspro will be a big name in the music industry. With the position that Afrobeats is occupying in the music industry and the prospects it holds, he is entering a music production field that he will make him a household name but also curve a niche of loyal and committed fans,” said an Afrobeat die hard when reacting to the entrant a new kid in the block, Aspro.


The new producer promises his fans and the whole fraternity of the Afrobeats that he will not disappoint, he is not only coming to entertain but also promote a musical genre that has a long history. At the moment, Aspro has a following of 8,000 listeners of which 5,800 are from United States. In his collaboration with Joy Msanii, a female Afro songwriter and singer from Kenya, the two are not just working together but also playing a big role in promotion of Afro beats.


For more information about the new producer visit: http://www.callmeaspro.com/


About Aspro


Aspro is a creative Dutch music producer who makes music out of pure love. He started playing music at schools, street parties and weddings at the age of 12.One of his highlights was 2004 there he was allowed to play in the hottest club in Spain. His goals are to make people happy with beautifully composed music. His music record named “Work“ was completed together with Kenya singer Joy Msaniiand will be a new high point on his path.


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