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At a time when economic recovery processes are being planned, fears that exclusionary policies that have disadvantaged members of Black and Brown communities for so long may find their way into the recovery efforts. With this in mind, Newark Business Hub (NBH)seeks corporate sponsors to underwrite their exclusive initiative to elevate Black and Brown entrepreneurs. NBH is a nonprofit American business that uses education technology to empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs.


In 2021, NBH has launched the initiative to elevate Black and Brown entrepreneurs with a mission to train and coach one million entrepreneurs worldwide. The company, which is linked to Rutgers-Newark Business School, Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, has partnered with some of America’s top brands in finance, philanthropy, and beauty to provide scholarship opportunities by training and coaching entrepreneurs in different parts of US and the world.


While making this appeal, NBH CEO and cofounder Kimberlee Williams said that corporate social responsibility programs have a great impact in addressing racial justice and in providing economic empowerment to underprivileged members of society. With the online business course of NBH, the CEO says NBH will empower entrepreneurs who will also make an impact in their communities. The CEO reiterates that empowering Black and Brown entrepreneurs should be a business priority for corporations and government alike.

Jeff Billingsley, NBH chief curriculum officer and cofounder, adds that during these times of uncertainty and global demands for racial equity for people of color, the vision of NBH for lifelong learning is focused on economic empowerment and creating a skilled workforce.


Benefits to the companies


In partnering with NBH, an organization can expect a dedicated support in management of the whole program including recruitment, set-up, engagement with the participants, marketing, and scheduling of activities in the community. NBH will also be responsible for providing reports on enrollment, engagement, learning progress, and business growth. Companies can use success stories to highlight the impact that the program has had on the targeted communities to raise their profile in their industries and market in general. The entrepreneur insights, which will be gathered during the program, can help the partners to refine further the empowerment approach.


Welcoming the support from companies that seek to empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs, NBH CEO said that providing these entrepreneurs with the must-have business skills, mentorship, and community goes a long way in impacting and elevating communities and in addressing their most pressing issues. Those who would like to partner with NBH can find out more about the initiative by filling a form. “We are looking forward to building a partnership that will make a difference in the Black and Brown community, get to us through filling the request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible,” said the CEO.


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About Newark Business Hub


Newark Business Hub’s 501(c)3 non profit organization is the social impact catalyst that aims to elevate one million Black and Brown entrepreneurs globally. This nonprofit American business uses education technology to empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs. Newark Business Huben compasses the diversity, equity, and inclusion partner that corporate social responsibility leaders and nonprofit organizations trust to help elevate and empower Black and Brown entrepreneurs in the US and around the world.


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