Inculcating vital skills with personalized bedtime books

Parents can help develop cognitive skills for their children through personalized bedtime books. Research has shown that bedtime stories are powerful tools for strengthening the parent-child bond, as well as an effective way of preparing children for sleep. Reading a book at bedtime every night also helps boost the child’s brain development.


Lion Story Personalized books are aware of these facts and through their personalized bedtime stories, are seeking to help parents inculcate vital life skills in their children and show them, love. While announcing the availability of personalized bedtime stories, Alex, the representative of Lion Story Personalized Books says the books offer tangible benefits. “The personalized bedtime books turn your child into the hero in a fascinating way. It also helps develop their cognitive and reading skills,” said Alex, while outlining some of the benefits that are derived from the personalized bedtime storybooks.


Recent studies have shown that personalized stories have numerous benefits to a child. A story in which a child is the main character was found to improve retention better than regular books. It empowers literacy through boosting early literacy skills, increases reading motivation, and boosts creativity.


How it works


The parent selects a story that is liked most or personalizes all of them. Each of the Lion Story has valuable lessons and skills that it teaches a child.


The creation of character takes place via a magical personalized button, initiating a five-step customization process that allows the addition of the child’s name, sex, skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, as well as freckles or glasses. Further personalization involves the addition of a dedication where own warm and special wishes are expressed. This dedication will appear on the back cover. To go along with dedication is a photo that Alex says makes the gift even more memorable. The last step allows a preview of the character in the storybook to see what it looks like, once satisfied payment method and shipping details are added, and the order is ready for placement.


Once the order is placed, the storybook is printed, and the magic to life through the typography. Each book is carefully printed and shipped directly to the recipient.


“As you choose a story template tailored to the interests of your child, you open the door for a unique opportunity to bond and encourage their love of reading. There’s no better time to broaden their imagination away from a screen!” says Alex, as he adds that the personalized book will stand as a special addition to their bookshelf, a favorite childhood treasure, and a family memory they will recall for many years.


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About Lion Story


Lion Story began as a way to enrich story time and invite kids into a world of discovery and fun. It was launched in Barcelona at the end of 2019, and today has an international team of talented people devoted to creating products and inspiring content. Lion Story allows sharing a fascinating story with a child — complete with a hero who looks just like them.


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