Thoughts on the Marvel Avengers Closed Beta - What Was It?

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Sep 30, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Ashley Stewart (onlinecasino777)

I would like to say that this weekend crept up unnoticed, but I can't - if only! But what can not be argued with is the fact that the beta of the new "Avengers" from Crystal Dynamics (in collaboration with Eidos-Montréal) struck like a bolt from the blue. Yes, I again forgot about the existence of this game, but this does not negate the fact that it was very interesting for me to see what such an eminent studio concocted - and what kind of game it is. The last question haunted us since the announcement of the novelty.

The closed beta on PS4 lasted three days and revealed only a fraction of what the full release will offer. Here I was offered to go through the demo myself, shown to the players a year ago, and at the same time take part in several missions, most of which focus on two characters - Hulke and Kamala Khan.



I confess right away: the beta turned out to be ambiguous. For example, the same demo mission that we have already seen, and which caused such a flurry of indignation among fans, hardly got much better. I remember that after the release of the trailer, the entire Internet reacted to the local faces of famous comic book and movie characters (and above all they equate them in films) in about the same way as he reacted to the Sonic movie. Too? Most likely. But give the fans a try.

Personally, I have few complaints about the faces of local superheroes, although neither Scarlett Johansson nor Robert Downey Jr. is recognized in them; in general, it seems as if they were copied from films from memory. For example, Bruce Banner is quite similar to Mark Ruffalo - but not quite. From the back, the Black Widow - well, the spitting image of Scarlett, but on the near plans ... well, someone like Thor, in principle, does not look like anyone. But you get used to everything, and there is nothing wrong with that.

So, returning to the game itself ... the first mission, which acts as a prologue and tutorial, I didn't like at all. From her strikingly carries some kind of archaism: the ubiquitous invisible walls, taut animation and soapy graphics (on the base PS4) look frankly funny against the background of "Spider-Man", which was released on the console two years earlier. In the prologue, we are allowed to play for the main favorites of the younger generation - the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America. In other missions, Kamala Khan - or "Miss Marvel" is added to the number of heroes.

Each is handled differently and each has its own set of gadgets. Hulk - this, may the fans forgive me, the spitting image of King Kong - or Gorilla Grodd from the "enemy" DC comics, familiar to us from Injustice 2. Captain America suddenly reminded me of our spiderman - probably the whole point is that he also likes to do somersaults over enemies with shields. It is impossible to mention Thor without comparisons with Kratos - if the latter prefers axes, Thor is thrown with a hammer by Mjolnir. As in the film, the charming Natasha Romanova seems flimsy and completely out of place on the battlefield, where the gods are measured by strength. But such comic illogicality is everywhere here, so there is nothing to be surprised at.

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