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How to perform neck exercises to relieve pain

Although COVID infections are decreasing around the world and people seem to be gradually coming out of the scary situation that has characterized the last one and a half years, some things will remain for a long time. The work environment now seems to have shifted from the office to home or in remote spaces. Long gone are the days where people were required to commute to work.


Nowadays, the majority who offer services that can be done remotely is working from home. With this shift comes the challenge, neck pain due to long hours spent working on a computer. It is a serious challenge according to orthopedic experts. A study that was recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicated that increased sedentariness that characterized the COVID pandemic period as well as poor posture as people stayed long hours in front of their computers while working from home, has been the main sources of musculoskeletal disorders, more so neck pain and lower back discomfort.


With the increase of jobs that require sitting in front of a screen, the problem will escalate. It calls for an understanding of how one can get rid of neck pain. As studies have found out, most people suffer neck pain as a result of bad posture or sitting for long in front of the screen. However, there are other causes to this problem too. It is recommended that one should rule out any other problem before seeking information on how to manage pain naturally. Unmanaged neck pain can be a great source of discomfort, as pointed out by physicians; founder recommends that those suffering from this pain seek a solution before the problem escalates. founder is at the forefront of providing solutions that work for those unable to manage neck pain naturally. founder recommends forward and backward tilt exercises as one of the first solutions to the treatment of neck pain. It can be performed either seated or on the feet while ensuring that the movements are kept slow and smooth. According to Elayan founder, the exercise involves placing the heard over the shoulder and straight to the back. This should be followed by lowering the chin towards the chest and holding it for about 15 to 30 seconds. The next step involves tilting the chin upward and bringing the base of the skull towards the back. One should hold at this position for about ten seconds before returning to the first position. This exercise should be repeated several times and will work well if done every day. Other recommended variations include side tilt, side rotation, and shoulder roll, all of which can be performed in the comfort of the house.


Some may not get relief even after performing the exercise. founder recommends using an electric shock pulse neck and shoulder kneading massager. The founder encourages those who suffer neck pain and have not found a solution not to despair. “Why suffer from neck pain when you can relieve yourself of it now? The great thing is that you don’t have to be a post-operative patient to try out this product. Whether you’re a worker sitting in front of a computer all day or out in the field meeting some clients, you can experience the wonders this tool brings,” adds the founder while revealing that the Elayan was created as part of sharing the wonders of the massager. has provided people who experience neck pain with an electric shock pulse neck and shoulder kneading massager. It is a unique neck massager with advanced features, specially designed to elevate the different types of pain from the body, such as the neck, shoulder, upper back, and lower back. TheIpree smart neck is also known as an electric wireless smart neck massager.


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Elayan was founded with the aim of providing an effective solution to people suffering from neck pain.

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