Snax seeks to revolutionize the way people watch movies through its interactive app

A Paris-based startup has released an original entertainment app called Snax. Jérôme Boé, CEO of the French-based start-up Marmelapp, says Snaxis the new home for interactive movies where users can take part in the story by making their own choices and solving fun puzzles.


“The future of interactive movies is here! With Snax, you will make your own choices and solve fun puzzles in brand new, bite-size content”,says Boé, while introducing the entertainment app.


The app offers the users a chance to combine movies with interactive gameplay, where they are given control over how the story progresses. The user can choose the direction, where to hide, and even react as the story unfolds. Users can use the 360 mode to view around as well as get a chance to interact with puzzles that offer hints when stuck.




Users who have reviewed the app call the game “pretty fun.” A reviewer stated that the videos are produced well, and the experience is similar to what is available in interactive television shows. The review says that the questions keep the user glued to the screen, describing some as obvious while others need the viewer to get thinking.


Some of the questions provided multiple choices, while others require the viewer to type the answer. For those who are stuck, hints are provided and if unable to answer, a solution is offered. This reviewer adds that there are no points systems or video ads. which are required for the viewer to be given hints or solutions.


While describing the experience with the app, another reviewer says viewers can expect some jump scares and lots of exciting crime scenes. The reviewer describes the app as thought-provoking since the viewer will have a chance to answer a couple of questions about the movie they are watching. Features such as 360 mode have been described as an enhancement that provides viewers with a great experience.


As stated by the CEO, to get the app, users do not need to get any account; they simply download the app and start enjoying the interactive movies.


“As developers, we push ourselves to work on disruptive, unique, and impactful ideas. With Snax, we are revolutionizing movie watching, making it an activity that viewers can enjoy and provoke thoughts out of the interactive sessions”, said the CEO, while describing the experience that awaits users.


The 19.5 MB app is currently available for free in the entertainment category of the App Store. With an age rating of 12+, it can be accessed in both English and French. To download the app, users will require having an iOS 14.0 or later.




The app is offering subscriptions where users can subscribe to the app to get access to premium features and unlimited content. Subscription options include 1-week with a 3-day trial, 1-month, and 1-year. More information about subscriptions is available at and


About Snax


Snax is an original entertainment app created by a Paris-based apps development company, Marmelapp. Marmelapp states on its website that they exist to entertain and captivate people through impactful and engaging mobile applications. The app developer aims at sparking strong positive emotions in all who use their products. They describe themselves as hackers who are always chasing novelty, believing it’s the only way to create something big. Their values include creativity, simplicity, perfection, and thinking big.


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