Benefits of a Minecraft Server

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Dec 21, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Koda List (koda34)

A Minecraft server is a game server made to specifically host online multiplayer lobbies of Minecraft. By using some software from Mojang Studios, the video game developer of Minecraft, players can choose to use their own computers as Minecraft servers. Alternatively, players can use a hosting service to set up a dedicated gaming server for their Minecraft world.


There are also several public minecraft servers that players can join, including those run by Majong and others run and hosted by third parties.

There are some common benefits to setting up your own Minecraft server, whether you do so on your own computer, a paid server, or a free remote server. The benefits include:


  • Control: You get to make the rules and set the parameters. Your Minecraft server is your world. This is especially appealing for tech-savvy parents who want to create a safe space for their children to play.
  • Community: Whether you are building a growing network of new players or an established circle of friends, your Minecraft server can serve as a center point of your community.
  • Monetization: Create a beautiful world people want to visit and interact with. The more your users enjoy the server, the more they will be willing to donate to you. You could also sell cosmetic features on your server.
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