Discover a Moda designer who is creating high-quality and stylists' handmade products...

Women looking for distinctive styles will be happy to discover Helen Bellart, a Moda designer girl from Spain. The fashion-conscious artist and stylist creates products through digital printing of her own work on high-quality and sustainable fabrics. Over the years, the Helen Bellart brand has created exclusive products with character, personality, and unique design, fleeing massive productions and uniformity.


The products, which are handmade with love, include original handmade kimonos with unique designs, brightly colored floral and coral motifs, silk scarves, a clutch bag, and a silk bracelet. These are just some of Helen's products she carefully thought of throughout the years.


Her background and inspiration


Helen Bellart was born in Nitra, Slovakia. Currently, she now lives between Vienna and Marbella. She has a background in the artistic education of painting. Having studied in Vienna, she learned new techniques for oil painting and acrylic.


The self-taught artist who has created her own style has grown to produce more expressive and diverse pieces. Her movements have influenced her styles with the flair of the south, evidently sparking her creativity.


Delicate brush strokes take turns with contoured reliefs, striking an interesting contrast to the warm and cheerful colors. Her travels to prominent places in the world like New York, London, Vienna, and Paris have drawn additional inspiration to her. The multicultural charms of the cities fascinate her, giving her new ideas.


"I am constantly searching for new motifs, and I observe the world around me with much love and attention. This keeps giving me new ideas, which I then realize on the canvas," said Helen as she explained her source of ideas and inspiration.


Bellart also further expressed that her passion for painting remains strong despite her success in the fashion label over the years. She finds peace and strength in painting. She also revealed that painting helps her lose track of time.


Helen believes that art is a way of expressing, and one way of doing that is through wearing handmade clothes and accessories, and other products. As a person who is passionate about painting and fashion, she aims to give her customers products that they will like and will make their money worth it.


Her style approaches are pure elegance, open-minded and young-spirited. The Alta Moda Brand has been received positively in the fashion market. She attributes this to her commitment to providing the customers with styles that meet their needs.




Helen Bellart did not expect her products to attract attention so quickly. She said she was surprised by the demand for her pieces. This achievement reaffirmed her decision to walk the untraveled path. She attributed her optimistic approach to life, sense of humor, and the constant pursuit of perfection and satisfaction to her success, adding that all of this is reflected in her works.


Online shop


Helen's designer pieces can be found at her online shop and through a network of carefully selected distributors in Spain, England, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, and the USA. Among the products that fashion-conscious women will get in the online shop include decorative pillows, necklaces, and chokers, handbags and keychain accessories, dresses, bracelets, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, tops, rings, anklets, bracelets, bags, and silk scarves, among others.


For more information, you may visit her website or her Instagram account @helenbellart.


About Helen Bellart


Helen Bellart is an international artist, a Moda designer, who makes handmade fashion items from oil painting. Her products include handmade dresses and accessories for fashion-conscious and stylish women.


Media contact info



Instagram: @helenbellart

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