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February, 2022, New Zealand- A Change for Better (ACFB) is inviting 50 mental health care professionals to join their platform for beta testing. ACFB is a venue for mental health care services. It is open both to the public and professionals.


This beta testing will ensure that all of the key functions on the site are working. It will allow the professionals who participate to shape the future of the site.


Once the testing is complete, affiliates will be invited to help promote the platform's features, benefit from its functionality, and assist in attracting both professionals and clients to the site.


"A Change for Better was born out of my frustrations while working in the mental health industry," said Ashley Cairns, one of the ACFB Founders.


ACFB aims to provide people with information, resources, and connect them with mental health professionals - all with the aim of addressing any of their mental health issues and concerns. The platform's objective is to reimagine the existing inefficient systems that do not fully address the needs of those seeking help.


Access to Insightful and Accurate Mental Health Information


Finding mental health information through the Internet can be a double-edged sword. While there are some great resources out there, they can be problematic for the public because of the lack of security against false or misleading information. ACFB addresses this concern by collecting verified data and research from mental health care practitioners and researchers through its Resource Database (RD).


The RD aims to give the public correct, meaningful, and up-to-date information about mental wellness. It can also pave the way for healthy discussions between the community and practitioners in the field, as they can exchange ideas and concerns on the public forums available on the ACFB site.


Mental health care professionals can enhance their profile, online presence, and brand by contributing to the RD. They are building a vital resource to allow them to offer their clients holistic solutions.


All resources are thoroughly checked and the credentials of the creator vetted before they are published to the Resource Database. There is a wide range of media options available - website links, videos, podcasts all verified by the team before they are made live.


ACFBs objectives are clear, make the public aware of the current status of the mental health community and give much-needed support for professionals.


"Oftentimes, working in the mental health community is exhausting and low-paying. We hope to use the power of the community to change all that," Ashley Cairns expressed.


Building the ACFB Community


A Change for Better believes that the power of a unified community will shake things up, eventually bringing the necessary changes in the mental health care system and nurturing a peer community among practitioners. ACFB serves as a platform and community for both public and professionals where everyone can securely interact with one another, connect, discuss prevailing issues, and set up appointments and bookings.


There are two forums on the site, which were purposefully set up for the public and mental health care professionals. These serve as gateways to connect with one another, answer queries, discuss ideas, and develop collaborative projects.


About A Change for Better


ACFB was established by Ashley Cairns and Joe Cairns. Ashley Cairns has been a mental health counsellor for the past 15 years. Her life's purpose is to provide mental wellness solutions to people from all communities and help them overcome their issues. Joe Cairns handles the technical side of the platform. He has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years. He relishes the challenges of using technology as a tool in the wellness journey for all.


Together, they set up this platform to benefit both the general public and mental health care, professionals. They have been helping people find mental health solutions, one step at a time.


For more information, visit the A Change for Better, Visit here: https://achangeforbetter.com


Media Contact info

Ashley Cairns

CEO/ Co-Founder



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