All Things Tudor Launches a Digital Magazine

Anyone interested in Tudor History can now access it digitally via the All Things Tudor magazine, scheduled to launch on March 15, 2022.This is an innovative periodic journal that features historical and literary articles from experts and bestselling authors.


While making the announcement, Deb Hunter, the Founder, said, "All Things Tudor is at the intersection of pop culture and Tudor history. It covers a time in history that still enchants and beguiles us. "The magazine will be available via Kindle to make it globally accessible to students, scholars, and all those who love Tudor history.


While commenting on the launch of the digital magazine, Dr. Norman Jones, Professor of History, Emeritus Utah State University says, "This is a unique and exciting effort to put the worlds fiction, material culture and scholarly research together, making them accessible to anyone fascinated by Tudor England. This is a journal that lets Tudor enthusiasts imagine and understand what could have happened, what might have happened, and what did happen in 16thc. England."


Terence Hawkins, literary editor and founder of the prestigious Yale Writers’ Conference also praised the magazine. "Our goal is a unique blend of history, historical fiction, and literary reviews from that turbulent, strange, and strangely familiar period.”


ALL THINGS TUDOR is a start-up brand consisting of three components: a social media platform that began in 2019 with a fast-growing international membership; a successful podcast featuring the most exciting, brightest stars in the field of history; and a digital magazine. Its objectives are to make Tudor history more accessible and entertaining to a fast-growing, enthusiastic, and engaged global audience, especially in the U.S.


About the Founder


Deb Hunteris a USA Today's bestselling author, historian and podcaster.

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