Ogasa Swap - Africa’s 1st Cross-Chain DEX Platform


[Lagos, Nigeria]: We are pleased today to announce the ongoing private sales of Ogasa Swap, Africa's first cross-chain decentralized exchange with multiple blockchain swaps and multiple use cases.


Ogasa Swap is Africa’s 1st cross-chain DEX platform that offers rewards for its users in Africa and offers a new way for African traders to easily and instantly swap their tokens. It uses hands-free processes and does not include any form of human intervention. It uses only one-sided liquidity to protect users form impermanent loss. The platform solves many problems for not only individuals in Africa, but also other continents been a DeFi, as part of its roadmap OgasaSwap will be  creating its own block chain that stops electoral malpractice thereby promoting effective democracy among African nations and some other countries that undermine the democratic system. Also, this platform provides a simple and easy way to liquidate tokens and protect her user from impermanent loss.


Another major advantage of this new platform to is that it is seeking for partnership with those who have block chain/crypto currency knowledge to become an Ogasa Swap Ambassador where they get a rewarding 15 percent (10% in USDT & 5% on Ogasa Token) commission on  people they refer to the platform during it Private Sales that is currently ongoing, for those who are interested in becoming an OgasaSwap Ambassador they need to send an email of interest to marketing@ogasaswap.com.


“We are Africa's first cross-chain decentralized exchange with multiple blockchain sway (10 chains upon this launch and will be adding more than 20 more chains before the years runs out) and multiple use cases. Our platform features a one-sided liquidity to protect its users. Users can refer friends and earn commissions. Users can stake their tokens to earn more tokens, NFT (creating, buying and selling) , predict and win, no-loss lottery, liquidity mining,  DAO pool voting, launch pad, borrowing and lending, refer and earn and other incredible features.” says Ogbonna Rex Monday, CEO and Co-founder of Ogasa Swap.


The benefits of using Ogasa Swap are:


  • You can refer and earn commissions of up to 15 percent of referral volume made by your friends and family


  • Provides a blockchain that puts an end to electoral malpractice among African countries.


  • Provides Africans and DeFi world with a secure platform that offers liquidation on all their tokens and which also provides protection from loss.


  • A chance to become a brand ambassador


Ogasa Swap will be open to traders in the DeFi world starting from June, 2022. For more information on Ogasa Swap, visit https://ogasaswap.com/ and join our telegram community https://t.me/Ogasaswap (don't miss our community video chat every Friday 18:00 (GMT+1))


About Ogasa Swap: Ogasa Swap is a new cross-chain decentralization exchange platform in Africa with multiple blockchain swaps and multiple use cases. It makes the process of trading easy for Africans without the intervention of middlemen by using the blockchain technology.


Media Contact

Company name: Ogasa Swap

Phone number: +2340872310542

Email: support@ogasaswap.com

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Nov 3, 2022  ( 1 post )  
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