Sharing of medical data set to be revolutionized following the launch of OpenView

Sethealth, the experts in custom medical imaging and DICOM solutions, seeks to revolutionize medical data sharing with an open-source platform, OpenView. While making the announcement, the Set health Head of business relations, Kamilla Herpay, said they had developed a fully anonymized medical imaging app. Adding that the OpenView is built with a technology never seen before, Kamilla said anyone could use the app to visualize and privately share X-rays MRIs from any device.


While narrating the inspiration behind the open-source and fully anonymized medical imaging, the founder of Sethealth, Manuel Mtz-Almeida, expressed that OpenView is a project that is deeply connected to him.


"Back in 2019, I broke my ankle in an unfortunate accident, and things didn't go well. First surgery was not successful, and I felt a complete lack of control over my condition and future," narrated Manuel while adding that OpenView Health is his contribution to this problem for anyone that goes through the same experience.


He added that OpenView Health is an open-source initiative licensed under the MIT license on Github. Both software and medical data donated to the platform become part of a truly anonymized public dataset.


"We are bringing state of the art in medical imaging to anyone in the world, so they can have a better understanding and control of their medical data," added the Sethealth Head of Business.


Sethealth also provides medical solutions to other healthcare entities, including medical imagining companies, healthcare startups, custom prosthetics, and software solutions that involve medical imagining, research, and teaching.


With fully anonymized medical data, users can securely share with anyone using a link. Kamilla said that users could easily ask for a second opinion about their condition. Additionally, they can see imaging in 3D, so everything is clear not only to the doctor but also to the users.


With data remaining offline and never leaving the user's device, assurance that medical data will be safe has been given by the developers of the app. The data is also end-to-end encrypted, which means that no unauthorized access is allowed. The system is also HIPPA and GDPR compliant.


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About Sethealth


Sethealth is a bootstrapped company founded in 2020. Its mission involves enabling companies to build better healthcare products while keeping patients' data secure and private. Sethealth focuses on safe storage, anonymization, and visualization that works on the web. Custom prosthetic companies use their tech to deliver custom implants faster to patients.


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