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Kate Wilson (katewilson)

I chose  University’s psychology program because the school offers a strong foundation in the field of science. I was also given the chance to focus on research and experience hands-on training in various local hospitals. The experience I got has taught me much and it was then that I decided to pursue a medical degree and then specialize in either neurology or neurosurgery. In my exposure when I do volunteer work in hospitals, I have seen some young doctors disregard the importance of patients who do not appear rich or have trouble speaking English. I feel disheartened that I could not give the medical assistance these people need. I believe that each patient should be treated as an individual with special needs, especially those who need the help of custom capstone project writing service . Having grown up with a sister who’s often misunderstood by society, I know how much it hurts to be brushed off or treated with disgust. I can still remember the taunts I got for not being able to speak English well when we first moved here. I’m glad that I have learned from this experience and am now using this invaluable insight in my dealing with all kinds of people. I am hardworking, eager to learn, and passionate about helping individuals. The thought processes of people and how the brain works has always fascinated and intrigued me. I intend to pursue a medical degree and a specialization in neurosciences as these will surely put me a step closer to my goal of helping those who are struggling with neurological disorders. I believe that my research and problem solving skills, as well as my empathy, perseverance, and strong work ethic can make me a successful medical student and doctor someday. I hope to pursue this goal at  University while intending to contribute positively to and learn from the rest of the medical student body. Whether you’re applying to college, MBA programs, graduate programs, law school, and medical school, you have to write your own personal statement essay. Your personal statement essay is very important because this gives admission officers the chance to know more about you, your life experiences, and why you’ve chosen the program you’re applying for. Although grades and entrance exam scores are important, you should take the time to prepare your personal statement essay. Your personal statement essay is important because it is through this that admission officers can get a glimpse of your thoughts and your life, something that grades and exam scores cannot give them. If you don’t know how to write a personal statement essay, then you can make use of sample personal statement essays to give you some ideas. These sample personal statement essays can help you decide what kind of details you should include in your own essay, whether you’re applying to college, law school, medical school, MBA programs, or graduate programs. When writing your own personal statement essay and making use of samples to draw ideas from, you must be careful in choosing these samples. Read many sample essays and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Choose to draw ideas from a sample personal statement essay in which the writer comes from the same background as you do or is applying to the same school or program as you are. 

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