Naas Driving Test Centre - Guide to Passing a Driving Test

The Driving Test Centre at Naas, which is the only Driving Test Centre within Kildare, attracts applicants from Kildare (Dublin, Wicklow, Wicklow, and Laois). Although it can get quite busy, up to 8 driving exams may be taking place simultaneously. However, there is plenty of parking available unlike other Driving Test Centres.


You will be likely to travel on the Naas driving test routes, as you will pass the Naas General Hospital and through Main Street. Naas Driving Test Centre is one of the best to drive around. It is not as congested as Naas Main Street, where you may encounter double parking, pedestrians walking out of nowhere and car doors opening.


You can reverse to a parking space just outside the hotel before the test. These spaces are the easiest to exit from. You can drive into space straight after the test. You can correct any mistakes in parking, but you should always be careful.


Just before you reach the roundabout, there is a Stop sign. It is a big fail if you don't stop completely. After turning right at the stop sign, you will immediately go to the roundabout and turn either left or right. If you've never done this before, it can be awkward so practice leaving the driving test center.


Speed bumps, Main Street shopping and roundabouts are the most prominent features of Naas Driving Test Routes. Speed bumps are considered hazards. Before you increase your speed, make sure to inspect the mirrors.


In general, you should be able to pass the bumps called "cushion" in 2nd gear at 20/25kmph. The larger bumps that cover the entire width of the road in third gear are best avoided. Slow down slowly and come up to the bump. Once the bump is reached, release the brake for a few meters. Then accelerate once again.


You can increase your speed by shifting into a higher gear if the speed bumps are not too far apart. Then, you can drop back to 2nd or 3. Speed bumps hit too quickly are a Grade 2 Hazards fault and one of the most common on the Naas Driving Test Route. Visit here:


Main Street can be very busy with many hazards. Testers will often choose to go this route. Use a good Mirror- Signal- Position-Speed - Look technique throughout the driving test. For each hazard, Look – Assess – Decide – Act.


Another unique feature of Naas Driving Test Routes' is the outer circle road. They are a series roundabouts that circumvent the town center. There are two lanes, and one lane. If you don't get it right, a Grade 2 error will be issued. They are easy to use and don't get too busy, unlike some of the Dublin Test Routes.



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