Thimoj become the first French Nfts company

Teddy Celdran, "PucKix" has completely revolutionized the world of nfts in recent months. Thimoj has become the brand for which major brands and the greatest musical artists are snapping up. Everyone wants to have a collection or a share in one of the metaverses of this universe.


Thimoj is above all a story, the story of a young astronaut who we will see growing up and living great adventures across the galaxy. Still looking for a star called "Junny". This finally gave birth to several musical collections (Blackbear, Boywithuke, Twentyonepilot...) but also and above all to the largest and most graphically worked metaverses on the market.


The list is long: Astroverse, Nfast, Bunars, Junny Toys Universe, Second life... and many more.


Many brands are fighting to have a place in these universes as varied as they are immense (Louis Vuitton, Nike, Coca-Cola...)


All these worlds have real movie quality trailers which you can find here.


Teddy, under contract with Binance.US and for a total of 18 Collections, ends his main story tonight. We do not know what will become of the astroverse as well as the world of Thimoj. Thousands of investors who have access thanks to the tickets they were able to buy before the premiere ask themselves the same questions!


The young man has also become the first French NFT creator and the first ETH whale in France thanks to the explosion of these universes with investors. They are also waiting for a textile collaboration with anti-social club and a possible short film announcement with, hang on tight, Disney!


Teddy "Puckix" would have planned to announce his departure after the end of the main story which features its main characters. Who will take over the leadership? will we see a sequel? So many questions...We will certainly have the answers this evening during the last live event since the astroverse where no less than 15,000 people are expected!





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Frank Lindemann (lindemann)

I understand the general concept of NFT things. Although.. among all the creative options, I preferred crypto games. This is a really hot topic right now.

Korio Harrison (korio)

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