How to react quickly to road signs

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Ron Brown (ronbrown2022)


Road signs are the main signs on all sections that are intended for the movement of vehicles. The study of this particular part of the rules of the road causes difficulties for most students of driving schools. So, how to learn to see road signs and not lose sight of them? It is this question that we will try to reveal as extensively and accessible as possible.

Let's start with the fact that road markings and signs - a kind of clues that give the right or vice versa - forbid the driver of the vehicle to do this or that action, go in the desired direction, whom to skip, where to slow down and so on. With their help, you will easily drive through busy intersections, bypass emergency sections and avoid speeding.

First, you need to determine for yourself where these “tips” will come in handy. If you drive into the territory of a garage cooperative, then the only moment you are interested in is the speed of the vehicle on the territory. It is this sign that is most likely to fall on your eyes.

More experienced drivers, not beginners, often do not pay attention to road signs. This is what the go4CDL school for truck drivers claims - According to their observations in this school, they saw that those who go to learn to drive a truck are already quite experienced drivers, because they have a license to drive a car. And it is among such drivers that there is some self-confidence in the fact that they may not pay enough attention to road signs.

At the entrance to the intersection, the situation is slightly different. First, you need to rebuild from a less busy lane, from which a turn in the direction you need is allowed. To do everything right - raise your head up - it is above the road that you will see the necessary signs. They are also located 20-30 m before the intersection.

With constant movement along the same route, all road signs will already become “native” and the problem of recognizing road signs will disappear by itself. But you should not lose your vigilance, because you can miss a temporary sign, which, as you know, is in priority.

How to recognize signs on the road?

If you were issued a driver's license, after studying driving school and passing exams, then there should be no problems with vision.  In order not to miss this or that sign, two aspects are quite enough:

- know the location of road signs;
- do not divert your attention from driving.

With this approach to driving and concentration of attention behind the wheel, the problem of recognizing road signs will not arise. And this, in turn, will save you from fines for violations and road accidents. Remember, as driving instructors say , absolutely every sign that is located in the city and beyond is relevant. If you did not pay attention to him and did everything correctly, this indicates that in this area you simply do not need “his hint”.

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