10 interesting informative speech topic ideas you might never have thought of

10 interesting informative speech topic ideas you might never have thought of


Writing an informative speech is not rocket science. However, it can feel like biting a bullet if you are struggling with finding a topic to write on. Delivering the speech is usually not a problem for the students; however, they get stuck while deciding on a topic. If you manage to conquer this battle, the rest of the task is a piece of cake.

When I was in college, my teacher assigned me the task of delivering an informative speech on any topic of my choice. I did not have much time to sit down and think about a topic due to the upcoming deadline. I consulted an online paper writing service to help me do my paper so that I can prepare for my speech. It saved my life.

If you are in the same boat and your deadline is also approaching, you do not need to fret about it. Because this blog has got your back. Keep up with it to come across a plethora of interesting informative speech topics in order to fire your imagination. Get ready to ace your informative speech.

Interesting Informative Speech Topic Ideas

Following is a list of interesting topics for your informative speech that you can use to write your speech. The topics are divided into different themes to make sure that you have fun while choosing your topic. Come on! Break a leg.

  1. Health
  • What are the benefits of organic foods?
  • What are the disadvantages of junk food?
  • What is the importance of taking a balanced and hygienic diet?
  • What are the pros of providing mental health counseling to university students?
  • What is the significance of sleeping 8 hours a day?
  1. Science
  •  What is the effect of music on the functioning of the human brain?
  • What is the mechanism of heart functioning?
  •  Is life possible on other planets?
  • What is the influence of artificial intelligence on human beings?
  •  What are genetically modified organisms?
  1. Technology
  • What is a computer virus?
  •  What are the effects of social media on the teenage brain?
  • What is the concept of biological warfare?
  • What is the future of human cloning?

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  1. Sports
  • Do sports cars cause more accidents?
  • What is the effect of engaging in sports on human health?
  1. World Peace
  • Is equality between men and women possible?
  •  How can global peace be achieved?
  1. Ethics
  • What is the concept of right and wrong?
  • What are the current popular ethical practices?
  • Why were the ethical issues related to World War III?
  1. Law
  •  What are the laws related to violence?
  • Is drunk driving a crime?
  1. Education
  • What are the pros and cons of coeducation?
  • What are the negative consequences of online classes?


  1. Arts
  • What is graffiti?
  • What is the history of arts?
  • What is the relationship of arts with culture?
  • What is the theory behind music therapy?
  1. Animals
  • What are emotional support animals?
  • What are the pros and cons of adopting pet animals?
  • What is the importance of a zoo?
  • What are the current animal protection laws?

You must have selected your topic up till now. Now you can consult an "Essay Writer For Me" service to help you write your informative speech. You can use the informative speech written by the writer as a guide to writing your speech.

An online service provider usually gives free consultation. After discussing your topic with the writing specialist, you can place an order for your informative speech. There are a number of online writing services available to serve you. Grab your laptop right now, talk to a writer and you are good to go.

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Topic: 40 interesting topics for a 3-min informative speech


Writing a compelling speech is not an easy task to accomplish. Speech writing involves elaborate research, detailed planning, and careful synthesizing of the arguments. A quality speech is one that delivers strong and impactful ideas in a clear and compelling manner.

When it comes to writing a speech, even professional writers can find themselves struggling with it. Thankfully, there are multiple writing services available today that can ease this trouble of yours. For example, I can easily avail the services of any writing platform and request that i need someone to write my essay for me. Similarly, you can have your speech written by professionals at affordable pricing.

Coming back to writing speeches, there is a large variety that exists in the types and formats of speech.  From persuasive to informative to parliamentary to entertainment speech, there exists a diverse variety with each having its own style and delivery format.

However, in the following section, we have narrowed our focus to one specific speech type that is informative speeches. A competitive essay writer always ensures that he or she is well aware of the target tone, content, and structuring of the speech type at hand, to be able to produce competitive speeches.

In informative speech type, the focus is not on persuading the audience. Instead, in informative speeches, you have to deliver the target information using the facts and figures to support your arguments. In informative speeches, you have to validate your arguments using supporting evidence. Otherwise, your speech loses its credibility. But you can also hire an expert at very reasonable prices.

Apart from having a strong understanding of speech structure and format, choosing a competitive topic is also important. Especially, when it comes to informative speeches that may appear boring and monotonous, choosing interesting informative speech topics is highly important. Choose a topic that immediately grabs the interest of your audience and hooks their attention towards your speech.

In the following section, we have presented you with the list of topics which you can choose to deliver a strong 3-minutes informative speech.

1- Psychological terrors caused by world wars

2- Christianity and Dark Ages

3- Immigrant Crisis of 21st Century

4- Changed modes of colonization in today’s world

5- How 1918 Spanish flu changed the world

6- Spanish Inquisition and its untold horrors

7- Fashion in Victorian World

8- Patriarchal England in 18th Century

9- Discovery of Steam Engine and Industrialization

10- Innovation is the need of time

11- Why Islam prohibits alcohol

12- The history behind Greek Olympics

13- Life in the Medieval period

14- Red Indians and their cultural body art

15- The horrors of the Salem Witch Trials

16- Who benefitted from the Vietnam war

17- What is socialism dominated today’s social system

18- Capitalism and its discriminations

19- Economic inequality and the rise of global violence


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20- The Great Depression of 1930s

21- Global economic system needs elaborate revisions

22- IMF and Global Economy

23- Transatlantic Slave trade

24- Exploitation of Africa’s ivory reserves by colonizers

25- Why was Japan bombed during Second World War?

26- Shakespeare is the greatest dramatist of all times

27- How Greeks perceived reality?

28- Jane Austen’s novels reflect the matriarchal biases of Victorian period

29- Feminism has deviated from its intended ideals

30- How COVID-19 has impacted the global economy

31- How an apprehended virus impacted the world today?

32- Role of WHO in face of a rising pandemic

33- UNSC has failed to live up to its ideals

34- There is no concept of equal democracy in the world

35- Should States be following Machiavellian principles?

36- Racial prejudices against the colored community at workplaces

37- Legal struggles face by the LGBT community for faulty policies

38- Child abuse is a rising concern in the society

39- Significance of mythology in cultures

40- Censorship should be banned in every state

Here you go with some of the interesting topics for your 3-minutes informative speeches. Choose any topic of your interest and start writing. Good luck. 

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