6 easy to win debate topic ideas

As a student, you must either be fond of debate or hate it. Which one are you? If you can relate to the first type that is fond of debates, you are going to love this blog. It would fire your imagination with some brilliant and novel ideas for your upcoming debate.

However, if you belong to the second type that hates debates for whatsoever reason, do not fret. This blog is going to make things easy for you. Go back to the drawing board, let’s learn how to write essay so that you can get the hang of writing your debate. Let’s have a banger.


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Do you get shivers down your spine when you think about engaging in a debate? Let me break the news to you. You might feel like running for the hills after hearing the word debate because of the fear of failure.

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Easy to Win Debate Topic Ideas

The easiest way to win a speech is to emotionally relate to your audience. People tend to love the debates that align with their belief systems and assumptions. Henceforth, in order to win a debate, it is imperative to appeal to the emotions of the individuals who are listening to your debate. However, this can be tricky.

There are a plethora of ways that can help you win your debate. Keep up with this blog and you will know-how. A number of debate topics have been provided so that you can use any of them to ace your debate. If you selected a topic from the following debate topics, your chances to win your debate would most likely escalate. Go on and break a leg.

  1. Homework Should Be Banned

If you are a student, you must have hated your homework at some point in your life. You might even hate it now. Most of the students would agree with you on this that they hate homework. That is the reason they hire professional writing assistance. Henceforth, your chances for winning a debate are higher if you appeal to the emotions of the students by siding with their hatred for homework. Propose a ban on homework and the trophy is yours.

  1. College Education Is Important

Almost everybody agrees with the contention that a college education is important. Therefore, strong arguments that support this statement will help you win the debate on this topic. Most of the people will understand and follow through.  

  1. Mobile Devices Should Be Allowed at School

Have you despised the rule of no mobile devices at your school? Many students complain about it because mobile is a need of the current world. Choose this topic for your speech and the student lot will cheer for you.  

  1. Students Should Be Permitted to Design Their Curriculum

Many students feel that they should have a say in the process of curriculum development. You can be their voice. This will most likely double your chances of winning your debate.


  1. Student Loans Are Exploitative

It must feel like biting a bullet to pay more money than you had originally borrowed. Well, welcome to the student loans because that is what is done here. Of course, burdening students with the curse of paying more money than they were provided with is pure evil.

  1. Break Time for Students Should Be Increased

Each student loves breaks. Isn’t it the case? Of course, yikes. So, stand up for the rights of students and you will succeed in appealing to their emotions and winning your debate. Your fellow students will love you as well, so that will be a cherry on top for you.

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Inductive and deductive reasoning explained to help you win any debate


Some individuals are naturally gifted with a strong debating skill, while others dedicate their life to polish them. Debating is an art that requires synthesizing strong arguments while considering and refuting the opponent's perspective. A quality debate uses not only strong supporting evidence to validate your point but also includes logical points to counter your opponent's arguments.

However, writing a strong debate is not easy. Even an experienced and professional writer, at times, get stuck with the point as to how to start an essay or debate. Thankfully, in today's time, there are many essay writing platforms available that can provide you with professionally written debates at affordable rates.

Coming back to debate writing, you need to first have a thorough understanding of the target topic if you wish to write a strong debate. Once you understand the topic currently, the next important step is developing a subjective stance or opinion related to that topic. Once you have your position clear on the topic, researching and arranging arguments become relatively easier.

When you are writing your debate, having a strong debate topic also significantly matters to ensure the quality of your essay. Choosing strong debate topics to reflect your command over the subject and your competency in general knowledge. A quality debate topic is one that can be approached from multiple perspectives and has an element of controversy attached to it.

Once you have a strong topic selected for your debates, using inductive and deductive reasoning to structure your arguments is important. Precise use of both your inductive and deductive skills allows you, as a debater, to present comments that reflect both your observation and logical evidence. 

In the following section, we have elaborated on both inductive and deductive reasoning and why they are important to help you write an award-winning debate. But before asking someone to "write essay for me" try doing it yourself.


Inductive Reasoning

Inductive reasoning is described as the ability of an individual to subjectively analyze the patterns, connections, and links between multiple ideas, concepts, and meanings. Through inductive reasoning, you interpret the world around you and formulate an understanding of multiple phenomena through observation and moving towards a strong hypothesis.

In writing a debate, you have to incorporate inductive reasoning where you begin with a stance. A good essay writer always creates a compelling story for his audience to follow. In adding inductive arguments for your debate, you start with a hypothesis and continue to prove your hypothesis through repeated logical arguments.

The end of your debate restates your initial hypothesis as a confirmed statement, which you have proven in your speech through repeated evidence and examples. This allows you to add a winning component to your debate.

Deductive Reasoning

In comparison to inductive reasoning, where your personal evaluations are involved, there is a high possibility of error and inaccuracy. Opposite to inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning is more logical, factual, and evidence-based. In deductive reasoning, you do not present your personal bias, instead of your present concrete facts and figure to prove your point.

Deductive reasoning in the debate is important to communicate your viewpoint in a valid and authentic manner. Since no personal argumentation is involved, the logical evidence allows less room for errors or miscommunication of information.

In combination, both inductive and deductive reasoning plays a critical role in determining the winning element for your debate. You have to infuse both inductive and deductive arguments to present your point in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Inductive reasoning allows you to start with a subjective stance, which through deductive reasoning, you continue to follow.

To conclude, both inductive, as well as deductive reasoning equally, contribute to add logic, power, and strength to your debate. While writing a winning speech, you have to ensure that both of these elements are sufficiently incorporated in your debates. Good luck. 

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