purple Pit Viper shades

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Sep 20, 2022  ( 1 post )  
Peter Vick (petervick)

Pit Viper 2000

If you enjoy cycling, you'll love the Pit Viper cycling sunglasses. These sunglasses have been created to be lightweight, yet remarkably durable. They are made from 1.2 mm impact-resistant high-index plastic, making them perfect for bright days on the bike.

They also feature a Z87+ impact-resistant rating that protects against dust, chemicals, and impacts. Whether you're riding in the city or tackling a long, windy trek, these unique sunglasses are the perfect choice.

Pit Viper's unique design has helped them develop a loyal following among cyclists and other sports enthusiasts. They have even partnered with celebrities and extreme sports athletes. They've also received positive reviews from media outlets. You can check out their full line of sunglasses on their web site.

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