How Long Does Coffee Last?

How Long Does Coffee Last?


Coffee is a crop, as corrupted as other foods. How long does coffee last?


There are two answers to this question:


One is when will my coffee exceed the best taste period?


One is the period of preservation.


Fresh coffee lasts two to three weeks


Roaster Coffees - The Ultimate Coffee Guide For You


Freshly roasted coffee will maintain its best flavor for about two to three weeks, and once the roasting is complete, the beans will take days to exhaust (carbon dioxide) and then be rinsed for drinking.


About a week after roasting, it is the peak of the coffee flavor. The flavor and flavor characteristics of the brewed coffee are the strongest, and it also shows the best mellow thickness and acidity of the coffee. But once you put in a few more weeks, most coffee will no longer be fresh.


Coffee "Safe Life" for Months


Although these beans, which have been served for months, have no fresh flavors, such as flowers, fruits and caramel, they are safe to drink.


In fact, coffee sold in many places does not indicate the date of roasting/manufacturing, but only the duration. Such coffee is often sold as coffee beans that have been roasted for months, but these beans may be placed on air-conditioned open and dry shelves, so there is no spoiling problem and they can be consumed with peace of mind.


Convenient online coffee tools:


While these are not as delicious as they are when they are fresh, drinking them will not be harmful to the body, provided that the preservation environment is not hot, humid, and will cause a qualitative change in coffee.


Coffee beans that are usually placed for more than six months and are not preserved in a stable environment are not recommended for further consumption, as they may produce toxins that are harmful to humans.


Of course, there are creative ways to help you consume coffee beans that you've had for months.


2. Rinse coffee and use it on pastry baking


3. Put directly in the shoe cabinet, wardrobe and car as an odorant


4. Make coffee beans chocolate (wrapped in chocolate)


5. Use these beans to practice different hand punch appliances/tricks


Do not refrigerate or freeze coffee


A complete coffee roasting size chart to help you roast fresher coffee is available for free here:


To increase the lifespan of coffee, some people put it in refrigeration or freezing to prevent corruption. This may sound reasonable, but it is actually counterproductive.


Storing coffee in refrigeration or freezing does not prolong its freshness, as coffee continuously releases its aroma. Whether they are at room temperature or in the refrigerator, they release these gases.


Keeping coffee at a cold temperature will not prolong the six-month shelf life because it simply does not need to be kept below zero. In fact, storing coffee in refrigeration or freezing may shorten its duration. When you put coffee in a refrigerator or freezer, sudden temperature changes often cause water to form inside the bag, just as a refrigerator's drink is taken out, and the bottles all produce water. Although stored in an icy environment, the packaging becomes wet and the beans deteriorate.


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Run out of old coffee beans!


No matter how hard we try to consume the fresh coffee at hand, we'll let the coffee go for months, and if it's properly preserved, it's safe to drink, and in any case, the beans can still be used in cooking, roasting, and hands.


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