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How Does FM WhatsApp 2023 Work?

The FM WhatsApp has many advanced and unique features that you won't find in the regular WhatsApp. There are many features in FM WhatsApp that are still unknown to many people. Here's a list of FM WhatsApp features that you may not know about.

FM WhatsApp 2023 features

Using FM WhatsApp, you can download anyone's status directly without using any status downloader apps.


In FM WhatsApp, you can hide and freeze your last seen. Freeze last seen means you can freeze your last online time so that everyone sees the same online time whenever you are online. 


This feature allows you to see anyone's message without showing the blue tick. 


You can also hide someone's status in FM WhatsApp so they won't know you've seen their status. 


A large number of high-quality wallpapers are available on FM WhatsApp.


If you put FM WhatsApp on flight mode, the WhatsApp network will be turned off, but the rest of the phone's network will be active.


The dark mode feature is also available in FM and WhatsApp.


Chat lock - FM WhatsApp has a chat lock feature that allows you to lock your personal chats. 


When someone deletes a message immediately after messaging you, you can see it through FM WhatsApp. 


Without a double tick, a message can be seen in FM WhatsApp, making the person in front think that maybe your mobile data is off, so the message has not reached you yet, but you can see it.


When someone posts a status and then deletes it before it reaches 24 hours, that status is available in FM and WhatsApp for 24 hours, even after they delete it. 


Using the Hide chat feature in FM WhatsApp, you can hide any of your personal chats so that no one can see them except you.


In normal WhatsApp, a person's typing appears at the top when they are typing, so if you don't want your typing to be visible, then you can also hide it in FM WhatsApp. 


The FM WhatsApp app allows you to send a direct message to any number without saving it.


We cannot send many such files in normal WhatsApp, but with FM WhatsApp we can send any type of file to anyone at any time.


Upload big files - Normally, WhatsApp has a limit on the size of files and videos that can be shared, but FM WhatsApp allows you to upload large files.


FM WhatsApp also offers an auto-reply feature, where the message will automatically be replied to by the person in front of you.


You can turn on the Always Online feature of FM WhatsApp as well. If you turn on the Always Online feature in FM WhatsApp, then even when you are offline, it will be displayed to other people.


FM WhatsApp has separate chats and groups, like normal WhatsApp, where all the chats and groups appear in the same row, but in FM WhatsApp both chats and groups appear in separate rows.


If you use FM WhatsApp, you can send a message to at least 100 or 200 people at once, but not in normal WhatsApp, where you can only send a message to five people at once. 


Hide media from gallery – In fmwhatsapp apk download, you can also use the feature of Hide Media from Gallery, as any picture or video you see on WhatsApp gets saved in your gallery. If you wish to hide it, you need to turn on the Hide Media from Gallery feature. 


As everyone knows, when you share any video and photo in normal WhatsApp, the quality becomes quite blurry, whereas when you share any video and picture in FM WhatsApp, the quality remains unchanged.


Activate Instagram like Stories - Just like Instagram's homepage has everyone's stories, FM WhatsApp's homepage has everyone's stories. 


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