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What is Pinterest? And how to register a Pinterest account with Temp Gmail

Creation date: Feb 8, 2023 11:14pm     Last modified date: Feb 8, 2023 11:14pm   Last visit date: Jul 11, 2024 11:48pm
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Feb 8, 2023  ( 1 post )  
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If you are a lover of beauty, and always looking for every beautiful image, then do not rush to skip this article. Admin will introduce you to an application that is Pinterest, let's find out with admin what Pinterest is? and how to sign up for a Pinterest account with Temp Gmail.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a website for sharing images in the form of a social network, popularly used for the purpose of sharing images, posting and categorizing in the form of photo stickers and pins. Here, every user can freely create, post and manage their collections according to different topics and interests. You can view and learn about other people's collections, repin (pull back) to your own, like photos.

Pinterest was developed by Ben Silbermann with his two collaborators, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp in March 2010, and currently has about 335 million monthly users. A special thing about this social network is that women account for about 71% of the users, which is a remarkable metric for businesses and marketers.

How to create a Pinterest account using Temp Gmail.

Step 1: Access the Pinterest app and click the “sign up” button in the top right corner of your screen.


Step 2:

-Go to the website and press the “Open” button.


-Then click on the empty box to select any email address, press the “create” button and click on the email address below to copy.


Step 3:

-Go back to the Pinterest page, fill in the email you just copied and fill in the form and click “continue”.




-After the above steps, you have completed the registration of a Pinterest account, click the "next" button and start experiencing the features.


In just a few simple steps, you have successfully registered your Pinterest account with the Temp Gmail application, the important thing is that you can unleash your creativity, share your images and moments without having to worry about the issue of personal information being exposed, because it is completely anonymous.