Disinfection of apartments

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Oct 15, 2023  ( 1 post, 2 replies )  
Ottis Pfannerstill (ladexo)


Our company is engaged in providing cleaning services for residential premises, but also often our company receives requests from clients for complete disinfection of apartments from various types of germs, fungi, viruses, etc. Could you please advise us what means should be purchased for these purposes? 

Brian Torphy (joxojej)

Oh, this is a very hot topic in my opinion, you have made the right decision to start providing disinfection services, as many who move into rental apartments want to disinfect it after the past tenants, as well as many who have children is important that the apartment was always perfectly clean and I'm sure that your disinfection services will be really in demand. 

Jerel Weber (jerel)

The question is certainly relevant in our time, because now really every person would like his apartment to shine clean and there were no germs in it, but, frankly speaking, now to find on sale means for disinfection of the home is not so difficult, because the companies that produce quality means very much, for example, you can turn here https://ipax.com/.

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