Creating your own game scripts

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Creating your own game scripts can be a rewarding process, Friday Night Funkin allowing you to bring your creative ideas to life in a playable form.

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Nasty Degtareva (nastadegtareva97)

Good afternoon. I would like to learn more about scripts for games. What programming languages are used to create scripts in games, and where do I start if I want to learn scripting to modify games?


Arina Arina (nasvaytarasova2000)

Depending on the game and the game engine used, different programming languages such as Lua, Python, JavaScript, C# and others can be used to create scripts. First, you should decide on the game you want to modify and research which programming language is supported by its engine. Then you can start learning the basics of the chosen programming language, paying attention to the specifics of its application in the context of creating scripts for games. Alternatively, you can use kiwi x

Charlivenum Charlivenum (charlivenum)

In addition to learning the programming language, it is also important to understand the basic concepts and methods of working with scripts in the game engine. This includes knowing the structure of the game engine, the available functions and classes, and how scripts interact with the game world. Many game engines provide documentation and tutorials for novice scripters that can help in learning the basics of scripting.

Persival Bengun (tagavab366)

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