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Tidal by Young Dread is called Master Kilimanjaro


July ‎24, ‎2017: Young Dread is one of the highest searched artists on the web. This has created an international fan base for him. So, there is a great expectation among his fans for his first album named Master Kilimanjaro that is set to release on the 25th of August 2017. With more than a month time left for the release, he has now released a song called ‘Internet love’ from this album to quench the interest of his fans.
“Internet Love” is Young Dread’s first and latest release off of his album, Master Kilimanjaro, that will be releasing on August 25, 2017. “Internet Love” is an artistic expression of the comparison between what one looks for with online relationships vs relationships in real life. Young Dread uses a creative mix of electronic reggae infused with southern trap leading to a sound all his own. As artist Young Dread never ceases to leave a lasting impression with his music “Internet Love” is no exception, and his upcoming album, Master Kilimanjaro, won’t be either.

Young Dread, the creator of this song has used a creative combination of electronic reggae along with southern trap that has produced a great sound. This artist has always created a lasting impression with his music and this is the reason for his worldwide popularity and the same thing happens in Internet Love as well. For more details, please visit https://listen.tidal.com/artist/4715139

About Young Dread:

Born June 30th 1982 Enormously popular throughout the World and the US, people of all races, nationalities, and ages are attracted to Young Dread. As a result, Young Dread is the highest online searched new genre-breaking reggae artist that is effectively increasing his ever-so-popular international fan base. Young Dread’s songs of determination, rebellion, and faith are finding audiences all over the world.

Young Dread is not only an International Recording Artist, but also a model, actor, and producer. He composes his own lyrics and music in conjunction with various producers in the industry.

Media contact:
Rebecca McNeil
P.B.M. Global
32598 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: 404 437 3237

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