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Hefmall launches a new website

September ‎09, ‎2017: An online shop, which deals with variety of electronics including drones, quadcopters, virtual reality and remote controlled toys has released a new website. The online store aims at reaching more customers with their goods. While making the announcement, Hefmallshop manager said that they are excited to launch their new website URL http://hefmall.net/. He added that with the new site, they now have a wider reach; they are in a position to supply customers from different parts of the world with products which can serve their purposes effectively. The shop manager noted that use of drones has increased significantly and they are making it easy for people who need these gadgets to acquire them.

With the relaxation of the rules around the use of drones, now almost everyone can operate one. The user is only required to get the right authorization. Initially, drones were only allowed for military use but today, they are being used for a variety of uses. Logistics companies are using the gadget to deliver supplies in areas which are hard to reach. They are delivering medicines and other essential supplies as they are fast and can access areas which are hard to reach, either due to conflict, hard terrain or natural disasters. Farmers have not been left behind, they are using drones to monitor their crops and animals. In photography, the device is being used to take photo as well as record videos for different occasions. The excitement that has been around these devices has made the demand rise threefold. It’s on this premise that Hefmall launched their new website to provide their customers with a smooth shopping experience.

Hefmall, in marking its new beginning, is offering its dedicated customers a chance to acquire the electronics at affordable prices. The online shop is offering a discount on a number of products to allow customers save on these items. They have reduced some of the prices, especially on drones and remote controlled toys. While announcing the offers, the shop manager said that customers can now save on some of the items. The shop manager appealed to the customers to take advantage of the reduced prices to acquire a variety of drones, virtual reality and a number of other electronic devices adding that the offers are only valid for a limited period of time.

“Customers looking for drones and virtual reality devices will find our website useful as it has a variety of these gadgets and at very friendly prices,” said the shop manager while urging customers to experience a new way of shopping for their electronic devices.

Media contact:
Website: http://hefmall.net/
Email: info@apindustriesnow.com
USA, FL, Homestead
Phone no.: 800-685-1196

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