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HabitCoach, an app that helps people follow up lessons from books has been launched

‎December ‎16, ‎2017: The app helps individual remind themselves of lessons that they have learned from books they have read has been launched. HabitCoach’s aim is to help people reach their goals and aspirations. The app provides users with habits to follow from the best life-changing books. Currently the app has 617 habit ideas from 41 life-changing books.

The app designer and developer realized that he has been reading books but never following up on the lessons learned. The lessons learnt in these books were never translated into habits, which could help improve life. He realized that he would like to come back to the books and practice them but it would be difficult to re-read the whole book again or skimming through to find the lesson due to time constraints. It was because of this that he wanted an easy way of accessing all the actionable elements from each of the books that he had read. With easy access, it would be easy to remind oneself of the lessons on a daily basis.

The HabitCoach app allows the user to access bullet points, which are a synopsis of the entire book. With these summaries, the user can use HabitCoach to keep him accountable on a daily basis. Using the HabitCoach app, the user only takes a few minutes every day to refresh their memory and get new inspiration from the lessons learned.

Many people read books but they never get to practice the lessons that these books prescribe. HabitCoach bridges the gap, allowing people to remember the lessons that they have learnt in these books and making them a habit. Reading the whole book all over again would take time, something that most people do not have, but when provided with bullet point summary, it’s easy to refer to every morning, eventually making it a habit.

The app developer was born in Poland on a small farm, away from cities but he worked hard to earn his degree. He has read many books and gained knowledge from them that he has used in life. However, he failed to complete his Masters degree after realizing that he already had, in his possession, all the knowledge he needed to make it in life. He is a self-taught person, having learned many things through reading. He has worked in the corporate world, where he developed software. Being a person who has realized that successful people pass on the real knowledge found in books, he decided to develop a platform that would make it easy for people to find it. “HabitCoach will make your life better,” said the app developer.

HabitCoach is currently available in the App Store and on Google Play.

For more information visit http://gethabitcoach.com/

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