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Young start-up launches unique standard drink glassware in Australia and New Zealand!

Melbourne, AU: The Australian start-up, The Standard Drink Company, is launching their unique glassware line that will revolutionize the way your readers and customers approach drinking with the company’s standard drink plimsoll lines (patent pending). This unique product will help users pour standard drinks, promoting responsible and healthy drinking.


Studies over the years have shown that a majority of people overestimate when pouring a standard drink. “With National Health and Medical Research Council recommending two standard drinks a day and the dangers that can be brought with exceeding that recommendation regularly, it is important for customers as well as restaurants to get it right,” said the company representative, adding that they are committed to helping promote responsible drinking. It surprising that restaurants and bars do not already provide this service for their customers. However, The Standard Drink Company is offering a solution. 


“Plimsoll lines for standard drink volumes helps you take the thinking out of drinking,” highlighted the company representative, adding that “plimsoll lines on other glassware does NOT equal a standard drink. Only our wine glasses offer plimsoll lines for true standard drink volumes.”


The Standard Drink Company’s patent pending glassware line is great for customers looking for a product that will:


  • Allow for easy, accurate pouring – giving them confidence and peace of mind
  • Be easy to maintain and dishwasher safe – usable with home and commercial grade dishwashers.
  • Not sacrifice quality for affordability – made with high quality crystal at an affordable price point.
  • Provide the best drinking experience – the thin rim and glass clarity guarantees it!

The Standard Drink Company has accessible marketing material for PR firms, magazines, and bloggers looking to spread the word about this unique new product. Their Media Kit is available at http://www.thestandarddrink.com/media-kit/.


They are also offering samples for businesses who are interested in carrying the glassware in their stores, simply email ask.us@thestandarddrink.com.au.

For more information, visit: www.thestandarddrink.com


About The Standard Drink Company: The Standard Drink Company is a young Australian start-up, looking to revolutionize the drink ware industry and hospitality sector. They bring together engineering, design, sourcing, marketing, and business skills to create their unique line of plimsoll standard drink line glassware. They launched the first product in their range in November 2017. Patent pending.

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