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French-made, luxury organic skin care line launches in USA

January 25, 2018 - BioSphère Naturel, a topnotch name in the skincare industry in Europe, announced today that they are expanding globally and have now reached the U.S. To celebrate the event, they will be offering a promo of 20% off the Délice Lait Corps (organic body lotion) on Amazon. The sale runs from January 20th until January 31st, 2018, and can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074P4RVFZ.

BioSphère Naturel’s expertise is in creating natural, organic products that are as luxurious as high-end brands, but do not contain all the chemicals. They promise you can “be good in your skin”, while feeling pampered with high-end French luxury, knowing that you are using skin care products that are healthy for your skin and body.

And because BioSphère Naturel wants your skin to experience the best lotion ever, they are offering a promo on the Délice Lait Corps (organic body lotion).
Délice Lait Corps is an organic body milk that promises you the luxurious French experience, a nod to high-end spas. While other lotions have a tendency to feel greasy and sticky to the touch, this one has a thin consistency that your skin readily absorbs upon application. It keeps skin hydrated, even throughout the dryness of winter. And rather than use artificial scents, the natural ingredients of aloe vera and cocoa butter accentuate the main raspberry scent, giving your nose a treat. Not only will you be enjoying the effects, but the people around you will be noticing your newfound radiant glow and enchanting scent.

A representative from BioSphère Naturel expressed, "We are very excited to bring our line of luxury organic skin care to the U.S.A. People all over France, Italy, and the U.K. have been raving about our products, and we know that people in the U.S.A will love it as well. Our passion comes from the French expression, ‘Être bien dans sa peau’ – ‘To be good in your skin.’ We believe that you should never have to compromise on luxury to have healthy skin care products. Our products are super luxurious and smell amazing - without being sticky or greasy, which is a very common problem with natural skin care. We are proud to have formulations that deliver a high-end experience, with none of the chemicals that exist in other high-end brands."

BioSphère Naturel aims to recreate the skincare industry by offering only the best products that will give you the solutions to your skin dilemmas – all thanks to nature.

To learn more about BioSphère Naturel and their skincare line, you can check out their website https://biospherenaturel.com/.

For more information, contact Dana at info@biospherenaturel.com.

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