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Famous Voiceover Couple Has Found a Fun Way to Mess with Telemarketers

Grant George and Jessica Gee-George, comedic voiceover couple of the YouTube Channel, “The Voiceover Dynamic Duo” launched their new show, “You Called Us!” on Monday, January 22nd, 2018.

Telemarketers are no match for America’s Favorite Husband and Wife Voiceover Team on “You Called Us!”. The hilarious new show keeps you laughing, as the couple improvises characters and voices to “prank” the telemarketers who call them. With a goal to keep telemarketers on the line for as long as possible, Jessica and Grant offer their listeners a hilarious and fun-filled way to find joy in the typically frustrating experience of being called by a telemarketer. When interviewed, Grant shared that one of their improvisations lasted 45 minutes: “We once kept someone on the phone for close to an hour until the telemarketer informed us that the lights had been turned off and everyone had left for the day.”

According to one viewer, “The Voiceover Dynamic Duo – Grant George and Jessica Gee-George are SO BAD, they’re GOOD!” Everyone has a telemarketer story, but this famous character voiceover couple up the ante all in good fun! Experience the hilarity on “You Called Us!” Only a truly in-sync duo could produce such unique and off-the-cuff comedy that has viewers coming back for more.

You can listen to “You Called Us!” on the couple’s YouTube channel, “The Voiceover Dynamic Duo”, and find more of their comedic stylings on DynamicDuoVO.com.

For more information, contact: info@DynamicDuoVO.com // (818) 633-5377.

About the Voiceover Dynamic Duo

Grant George and Jessica Gee-George formed the Voiceover Dynamic Duo more than 15 years ago when the pair shared their nuptial vows and solidified their professional chemistry-bound comedic career. The couple provides Voiceovers for Radio and Television Commercials, Cartoons, Animation, Anime, Promos, Narrations, Industrials, Trailers Voice Casting, Voice Directing for Loop Groups, Walla and ADR, Interactive Toys, Video Games, Political Advertising, Male Voiceovers, Female Voiceovers, Kid’s Voiceovers, In-Flight Advertising, Audio Books, Voice Matching, Languages, IVR, Product Videos, Radio Imaging, Podcasts, Gaming, On-Hold Services, Web, Medical Voiceovers and e-Learning, They offer award-winning talent, chemistry, and synergy to provide quality entertainment for all.

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