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PlugNGO launches a device that will give instant throttle response

PlugNGO is giving people a tool that can help them driver faster, smoother and more safely. With their instant throttle response device, PlugNGO is helping remove delays in the accelerator, making it easier to maneuver the car even when driving on hard terrain. According to PlugNGO designers and developers, this device helps users discover their car’s peak performance and reap the benefits. When explaining how the device works, the company representative said that, “PlugNGO alters the acceleration curve on electronic throttle-controlled vehicles, increasing the throttle response and improving overall performance and driving experience.”




With most modern vehicles being fitted with an electronic system to regulate speed, there have been instances where the regulator has been known to delay the vehicle’s response to the pedal, something that delays the acceleration. The PlugNGO has been developed to increase throttle response, removing delays and enhancing drivability. The device, according to its designers and developers, improves safety by improving the acceleration time while overtaking or during hill starts. “With this device, your safety, as a driver, is enhanced. The device shortens the response time, helping the car to accelerate faster and more easily,” said the company representative, outlining that the device is useful in ensuring safety on the road.


PlugNGO aims to empower the customers, enabling them to drive with confidence and improved acceleration. “We are giving the best throttle controller, a device that will allow car owners or drivers to do things that their vehicles are required to do. This is a product that will give your car improved performance,” said the company representative, adding that this is an investment for life.


Customer reactions to PlugNGO


Customers who have used the device attest to the fact that it delivers the results it claims. One of the customers could not hide his joy, describing the throttle controller as, “the most effective product he had ever fitted on his car.” “This is easily the most effective product I have ever fitted. Sure, a bull bar is noticeable, but you don't get to see or feel it in use every day. I have never experienced a product that has such a noticeable effect on how the vehicle drives,” said an elated customer, adding that the PlugNGO can be felt every time the accelerator pedal is touched.


Another customer, who revealed that he has had on in his RG Colorado for over a year now, said that “PlugNGO is one of the best things that I ever fitted.” The customer urges other car owners, who are looking for improved performance, to fit the device and experience the difference.


Media Contacts
Website: https://www.plugngo.com.au/plugngo
Email: info@plugngo.com.au
Australia, NSW, Berrima
Phone no. +61.248771022

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