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Statusbrew adds Social Media Monitoring

Tokyo, Japan: Statusbrew is happy to announce the release of a new product called "Engage" which is a social media monitoring solution for individual and SMB's. Engage was created as an avenue to Integrate All Your Favorite Social Networks in a Single Platform. Engage is the perfect tool for teams and can be used to manage multiple social media accounts with significant automation and lead discovery features.


With Engage, conversations from all social networks can be followed and replied to. This allows you to easily reach customers and also helps to build relationships with people associated with your brand.


One of the clients had this to say, “Statusbrew makes managing my social presence so much easier. When your business and your personal brand are one and the same you have to make sure you're genuine and connected with your clients and followers.”


About Us


At Statusbrew, we are focused on experiencing life moment by moment, and this is how we stay centered and connected to our environment. Statusbrew is where we're able to experience life and work with clarity, control, energy and peace.


Our Values and Culture



Honesty is our watchword. This helps us to follow through on our word and maintain consistency in delivery.


Choose positivity


At Statusbrew, we also believe in approaching every day, and every situation with a positive outlook and intention. This optimism leads to a great relationship with everyone which in turn leads to great accomplishments.




Whether it’s towards the underprivileged, environment or affection towards animals, we consider it our utmost responsibility to contribute homogeneously and regularly.


Make time to reflect


Every day, we reflect on our day, on our life, on what we’ve been doing right, and what isn’t working. It helps us learn from our mistakes, and gives us room to improve.


Our Journey & Vision


Statusbrew was born from the curiosity to track ‘Unfollowers.’ What began in the Summer of 2011 quickly grew, democratizing technology for small and medium businesses, creating an innovative product that empowers our customers to grow. With more than 16 million (Awesome) people and brands using Statusbrew around the world, our features and integrations drive traffic, increase client engagement and save time on social media.


For more information about Statusbrew, contact:


Media Contact: Mika Suzuki.

Website: https://statusbrew.com

Email address: mika_suzuki@statusbrew.com

Phone number: +1 408 914 2442

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