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The Cookie Children's Book

Sexuality education means different things to different people, but there is one thing all the experts agree on: it’s not just about biology. Hence the preferred term: sexuality education.


Sexuality education for a year five, primary school student will look different to sexuality education for a year nine, secondary school student. And because it’s not just about biology though that remains important - many students who have participated in sexuality education classes may not be aware they have.


This section includes information on why we need sexuality education, Victorian policy, information on the national framework, the whole-school approach to learning and references for teachers and principals.


Why we need sexuality education − National research supporting the need for sexuality education and question and answer support.


Whole-school learning in sexuality education − Information on the model of whole-school learning in sexuality education and the roles of teachers, parents, government and the community.


Sexuality education policy − An overview of Victorian sexuality education policy, the national framework principles, and policies and practices.

What support we need to play in sex education?


-we are looking for sponsorship
-we would like to partner up with boys and girls club /Girl scouts of america
-The Cookie children's book is a modern day story for modern day kids
-its purpose is to prevent sexual activity in kids until they are mature enough to make sound decisons and handles consequences that come with it
-The Cookie Diary: A piece of me (an addition to the series) has quotes from Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Albert Einstein to name a few, it includes recipes to try out, and various self building workshops
-include we would like to partner up with board of education school system


There are many common avenues for sexuality education. Nevertheless, parents are the primary educators of sexuality. Only the parents have the inalienable right to discuss with their children matters of sexuality. Parents have the most solemn duty to ensure that their children grow into sexually healthy adults.


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