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Present slideshows from any device with the best online converter

Did you know that there’s a possibility to present slideshows from any device available? From now on, both IOS, Android, and Linux users are able to demonstrate their achievements in the most convenient way. With https://www.altoconvertppttopdf.com/, you can finally forget about incompatibility between various operating systems. This free web platform is accessible from any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. It allows you to transform a PowerPoint presentation file into a PDF file and open it with any standard viewer installed on your device.

Which presentation format is more convenient?

Slideshows created with PowerPoint usually have either a PPT or PPTX extension. The main advantage of this format is the opportunity to focus the audience’s attention on certain objects by highlighting them or applying interactive elements. It was developed by Microsoft back in 1987 and remains one of the most popular formats for presenting visual information to viewers. In 2007, PPT was replaced by PPTX, a format that is supposed to make PowerPoint files accessible by other slideshow applications. A PPTX file can contain a variety of elements, such as formatted text, lists, graphic objects, images, audios, videos, and more. However, despite the versatility of the PPTX format, some users might still find it difficult to open a PowerPoint slideshow on a non-Microsoft platform. And that’s why you may be interested in converting your PPT or PPTX presentation to a more versatile document format which is PDF.

Unlike PowerPoint, a slideshow saved as PDF makes it possible for a user to work from any device and any operating system without needing to worry whether his or her presentation will be opened and displayed correctly or not. Along with being the most universal file format, PDF is known for having a fixed page layout. This means that a PDF presentation will always look the same regardless of your computer, phone or tablet screen size.

That being said, PDF beats PPT in terms of compatibility. Now it’s time to learn which is the best way for converting PowerPoint presentations to PDF and what benefits you get when using an online converter instead of a downloadable app.

Free online solution that meets all your demands

One may find out that there’s a great number of free converters on the internet. But are they equally usable? First of all, in most cases, you don’t need to use a downloadable application. It will most likely take up space on your disk which might be a problem if you use a smartphone or tablet. Another issue with downloadable apps is that they are often accompanied by annoying ads, banners and pop-up pages. Moreover, some of these apps require access to your data and device tools (i.e. your phone contact list or camera) which might endanger the confidentiality of your personal information.

On the other hand, with online converters there’s no need to download or install anything. All you need to do is pick the right platform. Again, not all of them are equally safe and efficient. That is definitely not the case with www.altoconvertppttopdf.com. With this free online converter you are always sure that your data is protected and none of your files can be stolen or hacked. Our service uses encrypted offsite servers only. Your files are effectively protected from unauthorized access and deleted from the server as soon as you are finished working and leave the site.

Apply tools and explore possibilities effortlessly

Upload files from your device to the AltoConvertPDFtoPPT free web tool. It only requires a couple mouse clicks. The interface is simple enough to be used by both beginners and professionals. It absolutely doesn’t matter which operating system or device (desktop or mobile) you use. Make sure your PowerPoint presentation file is uploaded and convert it to a PDF document effortlessly. You can apply all sorts of edits to your newly created PDF or save it to disk instantly. This is all you need to do to change the format of your slideshow and make it viewable on every device.

AltoConvertPDFtoPPT.com is a powerful and free cross-platform solution. It not only helps you to present your achievements to the audience, but improves the productivity of your workflow!


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