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ArrEssPro Scientific (AEP), Announces the Addition of Across International products to its Portfolio

ArrEssPro Scientific (AEP) is proud to announce the addition of Across International (AI) products to its product line. This is due to the recent partnership with the Across International brand.


Across International is a supplier of laboratory equipment in the areas of heat treatment and material processing for universities, research facilities and labs. The products marketed by Across International include vacuum pumps, vacuum ovens, rotary evaporators, glass reactors, recirculating chillers and Lab vacuum equipment.


The founders of ArrEssPro had this to say, “ArrEssPro Scientific is continually updating and adding new products and new manufacturers to our product line. The Across International brand has recently been added to our portfolio. Across International has been in business for over 25 years and has been a leading equipment vendor for laboratories throughout various industries all across the world, from Tesla, to NASA, GE, Lockheed Martin and countless universities, to small businesses in your own backyard. We have many of their products currently listed, with more on the way. Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know, most likely we can help you!”


They also added that, “Across International is known for their specialization in heat treatment and material processing equipment. They are a well-established brand within their industry and have been providing high quality laboratory equipment to various universities, research facilities, and laboratories for more than 20 years.”


For a listing of Across International products, on our web site, follow this link: https://arresspro.com/across-international


About Us


ArrEssPro LLC is a Texas-based company specializing in online sales.


Our Vision


One-stop shopping for the highest quality and best value products. We are continually updating our product lines to provide the customer the best selection and most affordable prices available.


Our Mission


We are a dedicated team of individuals focused on helping our customers achieve their goals. We strive to have our products and services delivered consistently, on time, and of the highest quality and value for money.


We believe that our customers, no matter what size, are our greatest asset, and we view every relationship as a partnership. Our customers partner with us because we are reliable, consistent and trustworthy. We believe business opportunities are created through meaningful relationships rather than companies that happen to do business together.


We eagerly look forward to working with you.


For further enquiries, contact:

Email address: orders@arresspro.com

Contact address: USA, Texas, Denton

Website: https://arresspro.com/

Phone number: 972-885-5145

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