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Crowdfunding 2.0 based on Blockchain Technology – Innovation

In a period of less than two months from now, SmartContractChain will release its Crowdfunding Platform 2.0 based on Blockchain Technology and ILP. While making the announcement, the company representative said the platform is set to revolutionize crowd funding and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) making them effective ways to raise funds and also increase trust and security for investors. The crypto revolution that SCC brings will make crowdfunding easily available and accessible to all the involved parties. Blockchain technology has been hailed as a game changer due to its decentralization, smart contracts, openness and verifiability. SCC is combining these elements to change the experiences of creators and investors during the crowdfunding and subsequent processes.

SCC aims at working on problems that afflict the traditional crowdfunding platforms through building a community and platform which guarantees security for the investors or backers and enough funding for the innovators.


Leveraging the power of cryptocurrency


Crypto currency and Block chain technology have changed the way people think about crowd funding and early stage investment. Before, funding startups used to be a rigorous, taxing and time-consuming task. Today, startups are raising millions of dollars with just a white paper. For the inventors and innovators, raising money has become easy as capital venture risks have increased due to the non-regulatory element of crypto currency. If there is a case of mismanagement of funds raised during the initial coin offering (ICO), the early investors have few options to recover their funds. Smart Contract Chain is coming in to bridge the gap, provide a platform which harnesses the best of the two worlds; assist entrepreneurs and innovators in getting the much required funds and ensuring that investors’ money is secure. With such a tool, the representative of Smart Chain Contract reveals that the company will leverage the power of crypto currency and capital venturists get their returns in a transparent, verifiable and scalable Etherium platform.


Protecting investment


With the tools provided by cryptocurrency, SCC aims at providing protection to new investors (common people who have shown interest in ICO) over and above what the traditional crowdfunding tools offer. According to their White Paper, SCC is addressing the concerns of geographical limitations, lack of publicity and inadequate legal protections, elements which can affect the effectiveness of an investment. The White Paper outlines the modalities that SCC will use to create the system, which is clear and comprehensive, ensuring that investors get into projects when it meets its objectives and delivers on the promised value.


Uniqueness of SCC


There is no currently existing crowdfunding platform that allows creators to conduct investment campaigns since available legal structures do not allow backers from cross borders. SCC gives startups who wish to extend their wings and expand globally a chance to do so.

The company representative urged creators and investors to take advantage of a system that ensures their interests are safeguarded.


About SmartContractChain (SCC)


SmartContractChain (SCC) is a new and unique blockchain based crowdfunding platform developed by SmartContractChain GmbH designed to allow open and honest investment guaranteeing significant returns.


For more information about SmartContractChain, contact
Phone number: +41791218062
Website: https://smartcontractchain.io/
Email address: pr@smartcontractchain.io
Contact address: Switzerland, Zug, Hünenberg

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