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New Physiocratic League Launches Campaign for the First Georgist Political Party in Decades

The New Physiocratic League, a political-economic framework and certification body with a mission to create a world where we regain and amplify our earned income and democratize our physical space, launches a campaign for the first Georgist political party in decades to gain maximum publicity and pave the way for more Georgist political parties to be established.


The policies of the New Physiocrats are expected to achieve more money in your pocket, soaring purchasing power, and a return to spaces of great architecture & beauty. To do so, The New Physiocrats are starting to collect signatures in Croatia (Zagreb and Vukovar) for the first Georgist political party in decades, which will be the first of many worldwide. They are currently open to receiving pitches from locals to tailor the platform to their needs, and to receiving volunteers around the world to register local branches of the party.


Taxation of land is the most efficient and least distorting way for governments to raise money. A pure land value tax, without regard to how land is used or what is built on it, is the best sort. Since the amount of land is fixed, taxing it cannot distort supply in the way that taxing income or saving might discourage effort or thrift. This has been endorsed by economists from across the political spectrum, from Milton Friedman to Joseph Stiglitz, and The Economist. It would pave the way not only for an elimination of income taxes, but negative income taxes.


One of the representatives of the New Physiocratic League says, "Many countries have been stimulating their economies through monetary stimulus such as low rates offered by the central bank. We have seen much of this credit go toward real estate prices (decreasing affordability) rather than business investment, in part due to a tax system which incentivizes such behavior. We would like to draw attention to potential alternatives, which other parties do not offer. We will take back our earnings, our time, and space,” the representative added.


About the New Physiocratic league


The New Physiocrats are a political-economic framework and certification body, which expands on the values of Georgism and the original Physiocracy movement. After a century-long hiatus on Georgism and Physiocracy advancement, we have finally updated it for the 21st century and the unique problems we now face. We completely transcend left- and right-wing politics, nor are we any compromise between the two. We stand for natural fairness and justice, as opposed to artificially

engineered outcomes that are imposed on us. We support every individual doing what they enjoy, and what they do best such as respecting individuality, not equity of outcomes. We ensure that individuals are fully compensated for their efforts. We believe in maintaining & promoting the cultures, traditions, and architecture of each region, so that the world has variety for us to enjoy without harming the cultures of others.


The New Physiocrats advocate for a fair system. A shift in the tax burden to value those produced by nature and society, and away from your labor. We believe it’s time to take back and amplify your earned income!


For more information,
Email: contact@newphysiocrats.org
Phone: +359 877 544 855
Website: https://newphysiocrats.org/

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