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The Network designed to make your life easy

A game changing global market platform transforming the service industry.


aBlueC, a global game changing marketplace connecting service professionals with customers is helping users find what they are looking for, based on understanding that finding exactly what one needs means searching more than one trillion websites. “aBlueC is taking up this task, giving you an opportunity to find the services you need easily and hassle free. With this platform, the time it takes to find the kind of services needed will be reduced drastically,” said the platform representative.


One seeker who has used the network says that there is nothing in the world like this APP. “I have looked around but have not come across a platform that is this useful and effective.” The network has a service provider app and a seeker app.


“The era of filling forms is no more, the process is quick and easy,” said the network representative who also added that the Network is convenient and effective as it allows connection with which ever service provider is needed, the connection is instant and can be made from any location or device.


The app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. For the providers it is easy to create their professional profiles. The service seekers only have to sign up and locate the professional services they require. It is beneficial to service providers as they can get work regardless of their location. For the customers, they are able to get the professionals they need when they are available. They can also read the professionals’ reviews, get estimates, see active services and be notified when the service provider arrives at their location. They also have a chance to rate the service professionals.


The network allows the user to find a professional service when needed, which is done without having to go through a middleman, something that would increase on time and cost. The game changing network is offering a global marketplace. Customers can also send requests, get estimates, invoices and make payments through the platform. “It is a market place that revolutionizes the way you get the professionals that you require, conveniently engaging them and being offered the services that are required,” according to one user who has found the platform very useful.


Apart from these features, the network also allows the service provider to get directions to the customer’s location. There are also provisions to see the customer’s service history, build a customer data base, see all the requested and active services and process payments. Currently the network offers a selection of over 2,000 services, and is continuing to add services and Mobile Payment Processing is built right into App.


Get more info, Visit here http://abluec.com/

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