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Carey Harris announces the launch of his new book: The Spiritual Awakening of the Soul Balanced

The power of the divine feminine remains untapped – its formidable strength remains hidden under the cloak of an unequal society.  Femininity is deemed weak when in fact the world would stop revolving without feminine energy.  Carey Harris’ book, Divine Feminine - The Spiritual Awakening of The Soul BALANCED attempts to unravel the divine feminine force that is part of divine spirituality.


Divine Feminine - The Spiritual Awakening of The Soul BALANCED articulates how the feminine energy represents fertility, reproduction, movement, creativity and generation. These forms have largely been shrouded in mystery almost mystic when the truth is it’s something crucial to the very existence of life.  Carey Harris explains that the divine feminine archetypes display life’s truths in full form. There’s a connection between the material and spiritual world that’s only enabled by the divine feminine forms.


The world has lost touch with the truth that the divine feminine is and thus has lost touch with the real nature of the universe and the supreme. Divine Feminine - The Spiritual Awakening of The Soul BALANCED reconnects the forgotten forges. Visit here http://a.co/d/25ch1BG


Carey Harris has always been a spiritual person and has always tapped into the divine feminine for balance.  By the writing of this book, it’s Carey Harris’ way to assert what the divine feminine is capable of in bringing a much spiritual wake up call, consolidating the soul.


“For the love for writing.”


Carey Harris, entrepreneur and co-founder of snhpr.com a body that helps promote budding Indie projects.  Carey Harris has made his mark as a 3 times published author, Hauser Publishing publishes his work. In the spirit of independence Carey Harris will self- publish Divine Feminine – The Spiritual Awakening of the Soul balanced.  Other books can be found at all online book retailers and theebookwriter.com


Media Contact:

Tausha Matt



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